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Prezibase Designs

on 2 March 2015

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Fundraising Event Management
with Michelle French
Thank you
What Makes a Successful Auction Item?
Identifying & Procuring Items
Unique Experience Items
Experiences that fit the guests’ demographic profile
Identifying & Procuring Items
Items that can open relationships with potential donors / sponsors
What categories of items should you have?
Identifying & Procuring Items
How many auction items should you have?
Quality over Quantity
Identifying & Procuring Items
How many items should you have?
Minimum Value
Key to Securing Quality Auction Items
Solicitation of Auction Items
Staple Items
Sponsors of the Event
Leverage your vendors and your committee’s vendors
This list will be given to all Committee Members
Procurement: Donation Request Letter
Show the Reach
Tell a Story
Specific Request
Procurement: Peer to Peer Solicitation
Procurement: Peer to Peer Solicitation
“Our XXX (Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton) property is proud to support the XXX Charity Classic and the thousands of children this prestigious event will support. As part of this partnership, we are sending you this letter to make you aware of this exciting event.”
Fair Market Value & Tax Deductibility
Auction Items: Tax Deductibility
Tax deductibility for Purchasers / Winning Bidders
Tax deductibility for Donors of Items
Value of the item
Understanding Fair Market Value (FMV)
On a Bid Sheet, or in Auction Text, you will want to disclose the Fair Market Value of the item
Auction Items: Minimum Bids & Increments
Buy It Now
Can Vary by Category
Minimum Bid
20% of value
Auction Items: Consignment Items
How do Consignment items work?
What types of items are ideal for consignment?
Auction Logistics
Auction Logistics: Pre-Event
Importance of the Donor Form
Liability & Insurance
Transporting items
Packaging of items
Numbering & Logging of items
Collecting & Storing items
Auction Logistics:
Setting Up & Displaying Items
Allocating Space
Best of the Best
Category Signage
Auction Logistics:
Setting Up & Displaying Items
Ensure that you have ample lighting
Wireless Internet
Sound System
Consider Power Needs
Auction Logistics: Timing
Timing is Everything…
25% of your bidding will take place during the last 25 minutes of the auction
Do not open the ballroom doors until the silent is closed
It’s all about bidding wars and not time
Right before dinner
When should I close my silent auction?
Auction Logistics: The Bid Sheet
The Bid Sheet
Bidding Methods
Auction Close-Out & Cashiering
Closing the Silent Auction
Check-out Process
Cashier Room
Collection of Bid Sheets
Live Auction Logistics
Live Auction
Timing within the Event
Incorporating a Pledge
Number of items
Type of items
Other Considerations
On-line Auction
E-mail list
Type of items
When to consider adding
Pre-authorizing credit cards
Don’t be afraid to extend the auction if bidding is low but do not open the ballroom until it’s closed.
How many items should you have?
What categories of items?
Culinary & Wine
Sports & Memorabilia
Just for Kids
This technique can increase your donations by a large %

Live Auctioneer
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