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Gun Safety

No description

Hannah Dunbar

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Gun Safety

About Gun Safety Owl Wisdom Statistics Deaths Gun Storage and Safety many people have one specific way to teach their kids about guns, but a lot of times kids will get curious about firearms.
all children should know what to do if they come across a gun. a simple way to teach them is with simple words that mean a lot.
4. TELL AN ADULT Hannah Dunbar every 7 hours a child or adolescent is killed by a gun (accident or suicide) in the last 10 years an average of 1,323 kids committed suicide: 155 were under the age of 15 Injuries on average in the past 10 years, there were 14,571 kids injured by a firearm and 13,572 kids were injured by BB/ pellet guns How do we stop this?

Gun safety and proper Knowledge 1. Remove ammunition from guns before storage
2. Insure only trusted people are allowed to have access to your gun
3, Place ammunition separate from guns, select a secure place that is out of sight and reach of children
4. Secure unloaded firearms with a gun lock, gun alarm or other type of tamper-proof device
5. Store unloaded guns in a gun cabinet, safe, or locked gun vault
6. Keep gun storage keys away from the “every day” keys 1. Do not allow untrained or unauthorized people to handle your gun
2. Always act as if the gun were loaded
3. Never point a gun at someone
4. Do not allow children, teenagers or adults to play with guns or handle them like toys
5. Read all instruction manuals before using any firearm and take a gun safety course.
6. Teach children the basic elements of gun safety Safe Gun Handling that's what to do about storing guns but what about handling them? what if a child finds a gun? What Children should Know about guns interview with Officer Forgey Interview Time!! 1. So what do you do for your job?
~D.A.R.E., G.R.E.A.T., Traffic, DWI / DUI, Crime Prevention.
2. How long have you been doing this?
~about 20 years in Nixa.
3. Have you worked anywhere else?
~Christian County Sheriff Department what he says about gun safety 1. How should guns be stored when children are in the house?
~Where the child cannot get access
2. Should guns and ammunition be stored in the same place?
~yes, if used for self defense
no, if used for hunting
3. How should guns be stored?
~safety is on, slides are forward, shotguns should be sitting upright, revolvers cylinder in place and laying on its side
4. How old do you have to be to take a gun safety course? And what does it require?
~you have to be 14, there's a classroom portion and a range portion, 7 years old for general training, and 21, for concealed carry. more gun questions! Rule #1:
Treat every firearm as if it were loaded, Jack! 1. How should you carry a gun while hunting?
~muzzle down, pointed away from people buildings and anything that could possibly ricochet
2. Is it safe to stand next to a building or car while firing?
~yes, especially when its during self defense because, you want to cover as much of your body as possible
3. How do BB and paintball guns compare to real ones?
~BB/Paintball guns don't shoot explosive projectiles but they can look just like the real thing
4. Are there guidelines for target shooting?
~yes, be sure of your target, backstop, and beyond Guess what?
Even more gun Q/A!!! 1. Why do you clean/oil guns?
~so they can function properly, especially the barrel because it can cause inaccuracy if not properly cleaned
2. When should you clean/oil guns?
~when you see rust and after every 50 rounds (or shots fired)
3. How can you obtain a gun lock?
~the school used to give them out for free with a sponsorship program but you can also get them at pawn shops, bass pro,and walmart. It also needs to fit the firearm Britney Huish loves owls Tips and sources! ** officer Forgey Doesn't recommend storing firearms in basements because they can get wet and not firing properly
** if anyone isn't following safety rules and is making you feel uncomfortable you don't have to stay there

us.gov website ((gun safety for kids))
Officer Forgey HI MOM!!!!!!!!!!!
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