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All About Grants

No description

Tracey Carayol

on 1 April 2017

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Transcript of All About Grants

All About Grants
Success doesn't just happen between 8am - 3pm.
Measurable Outcomes
Final Points:

Print out and reread your application several times.

Develop records and save all proposals.

Look into building a collaborative grant writing team.

Keep up the stamina and continue to submit.
Why write grants?

Grants give you greater resources.

Grants create enriching, rewarding academic experiences.

Grants expose children to opportunities they otherwise wouldn't have had.
What resources or experiences would you like your kids to have?
Use of data helps establish statistical evidence
and supports your need.

What percent of your school population receives
free and reduced lunch?

What percent are special education students?

What percent are ELL, English language learners?

What is the ethnic composition?

Why is this relevant?
What would you like to do?

If you had additional funds, how can you make
your teaching a memorable and impacting

Why should you be funded over all the other qualified applicants?
How will you assess learning?

What kind of supporting documentation
can you provide to show you accomplished
your goals?

How will funding make a difference?
How do you find grants?



Research big companies, go to federal government sites. subscribe to listservs and use Donors Choose.
Field Trips
Art Resources
Project Based Learning
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