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No description

Ricardo Timmermann

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of switzerland

Switzerland Chase Phillips
Michael Morey
Kyle Geist
Ricardo Timmermann Swiss Confederation founded in 1291.
Independence from Holy Roman Empire in 1499.
Constitution in 1848, confederation to centralized federal government.
Joined the U.N. in 2002.
Area: 41,277 sq km

Sligthly less than twice the size than New Jersey. Population: 7, 604, 467
Growth rate: .276%
0-14 years: 15.6 %
15-64 years : 68.1%
65 years +: 16.3%
Life expectancy: 78.03 and 83.83 years
Literacy: 99%
Official Languages:
German: 63.7%
French: 20.4%
Italian: 6.5%
Romansch: .5% Ethnic Groups:
German: 65%
French: 18%
Italian: 10%
Romansch: 1%
other: 6% Religion:

Roman Catholic 41.8%,
Protestant 35.3%,
Muslim 4.3%,
Orthodox 1.8%,
other Christian 0.4%,
other 1%,
unspecified 4.3%,
none 11.1% Government: Confederation
Capital: Bern
Divided into 26 cantons.
Founding of the Swiss Confederation, August 1st (1291)
Suffrage: 18 years, universal.
Chief of State and Head of Governemnt:
President Doris Leuthard (January 1st 2010)

GDP: $317 billion
GDP per capita: $41,700
Labor force: 4.28 million
Unemployment: 4.4%
Industries:machinery, chemicals,
watches, precision instruments,
textiles, tourism, banking and insurance. Switzerland's large and economical strategic financial sector faces structural changes. Expected to shrink in terms of size and growth. The Swiss People's Party (SVP), will be under-represented, given its strength. Won't be resolved until October 2011. Financial services regulation to see changes, including raising capital ratio. Public Finances
Deficit 2010-11
Governemnt restore
Federal Finances
Balance The Swiss National Bank
Retain Monetary policy
Gradually rollback
Policy measures

GDP expected to grow 1% in 2010
Unemployement to rise
Investements and Exports
Weak Levels
Inflation reamin below 1%
Current account
Return sizable surplus
High court ruling
Government run opposition
Incidents with France and Italy
SNB to halt bond purchasing
Foreign trade recovered will in 2009
Remains below earlier levels
Current account normal in 2009 Newspapers:
Reporters Without Borders: Ranked #7 "Worldwide Press Freedom Ranking"
Heavy influence from bordering countries
Mix of free and paid papers
Greatest number of papers in proportion to population
German papers bestsellers Press Laws:
Full rights for print, radio and T.V.
Censorship is prohibited and it gurantees editorial secrecy
Diversity of languages and regions make censorship impossible.
Open to foreign media. Swiss Broadcasting Company, radio and T.V.
SBC distributes licenses and levies license fees
Contributes to education and cultural development
Multilingual and multicultural mission Radio:
Full editorial freedom
Operate along regional lines
6 Central and 4 regional Studios
Content for 9 stations
5 languages
Music and news
Association of Swiss Private Radios accounts for 25 private stations (9 languages) Television:
3 T.V. studios that produce 6 independent programs (2 languages each)
Relationships with CNN, Eurosport, 3SAT
93% Cable/Satellite ownership rate Newspapers in Switzerland Blick is the most read paid German newspaper
Daily circulation of 275,000
Readership of 750,000
Published by Ringier since 1959 20 Minuten is the most-read free German newspaper
Daily circulation of 329,000
Readership of 782,000
Owned by Express-Zeitung AG
(also produce a French version) Le Matin, French tabloid
Daily circulation of 70,000
Readership of 331,000
Published by Edipresse who produce a free daily newspaper, Le Matin Bleu, distributed by Romandy Italian newspapers
very regional due to size.
Corriere del Ticino largest paper
Daily Circulation of 40,000
German papers predominant due to majority of German-speaking citizens
Great freedom on what to write about and cover
World and national news openly discussed.
Tabloids highly popular.
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