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Social Media Best Practices for Financial Advisors

No description

Kevin Nichols

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Best Practices for Financial Advisors

@KevinANichols Social Media
Best Practices Marketing Foundation Early Adopter Takeaways LinkedIn helps you understand the relationship between people you currently know and people you want to know.

Facebook is more personal. Profiles are full of personal information to help you develop rapport.

Twitter is a way to communicate a thought to your audience. Be a content DJ. Branding Internet 20 years ago
Early Adopters will benefit
Fastest growing demo. on social media is 55+
Remain compliant Assess your social media brand and make changes
Start talking to clients and COIs about social media
Spend 10 minutes a day building quality connections on LinkedIn
Determine the content your clients, prospects and COIs value and deliver it regularly
Look for introduction targets
Follow companies in your area
Like and comment on posts to build engagement
Utilize LinkedIn's advanced search capabilities

Personal Introductions
Referral Alliances
Intelligence Gathering
Enhancing Relationships
Get Face-to-Face with prospects What's Different With Our Approach Foundation:
Social Media Options Are Endless Foundation:
Profile of Average LinkedIn User for Financial Advisors 46% are 45+ years old
24% have bachelors/graduate degree
11% earn $100K+ 33% are 45+ years or older
24% have a bachelors/graduate degree
10% earn $100K+ Nearly half are 45+ years old
50% have a bachelors/graduate degree
16% earn $100K+ Branding:
9 Components of Your LinkedIn Brand Your social media brand should be an extension of your real-life brand.
Only 53% of Early Adopters and 24% of Casual Users felt their LinkedIn profile was properly branded. Branding: Photo Foundation: Our Early Adopter Research Branding: Headline, Summary,
Experience & Specialties What is my keyword?

Create a Catchy Headline

You have the most flexibility with your Summary Investment Manager
Financial Advisor
Financial Planner
Wealth Manager
Wealth Advisor
401K Financial Advisor serving business owners in San Diego

Investment Manager helping families build a low cost, tax-efficient portfolio Branding: Connections Quality > Quantity
Would they return your phone call?
Limit connecting to your competition
Key Connection Groups: Clients, COIs, Prospects, Connectors
Tips for your initial invitation to connect Branding: Interaction What is helpful to your target market?

How are you positioned as an expert?

Narcissism is a social media killer

Develop a content calendar Branding: Groups Professional organizations
New groups
Peer groups
Hide groups you “prospect” within
Look for opportunities to take it “off line.” Your Facebook Personal Page Your Twitter Page Be a content DJ
Have a personality but keep it professional.
Post 3 times a day The Power of Your Network Your Profile Top Client CPA Friend Former
Colleague COI Prospect Prospect COI COI Prospect Prospect Prospect Prospect COI 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 6 Steps to LinkedIn Introductions Reengage the LinkedIn conversation

"Have you seen this new feature on LinkedIn? It’s pretty helpful."

"Are you still using LinkedIn?" I’ve noticed a couple people on your LI that I’d like to meet.
How well do you know X or X?
Would you feel comfortable introducing us over coffee? If you notice any of my connections you want to meet, let me know. LinkedIn Introduction Tips Filter your network updates for recent connections. These are always top of mind.

Filter your network to see if someone just gave or received a recommendation or endorsement.

Run a search for your Connection’s Connections. Monitor Turnover on LinkedIn
Follow Companies
http://www.linkedinlabs.com/yearinreview Find salespeople, business owners, and others who actively use LinkedIn and would benefit from sharing connections. LinkedIn List Share Marketing: Advanced Search to Monitor Turnover New Opportunity
New Position
Seeking Work
Career Change
In Transition
Business Opportunity
Retired Marketing: Advanced Search for Business Owners Marketing: Advanced Search
for CPAs and Estate Attorneys Marketing: Profile Pre-Meeting Process Education


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