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Los Angeles

No description

Verlyn Lim

on 4 July 2014

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Transcript of Los Angeles

Los Angeles
By Madison Axford, Laura Kelly & Verlyn Lim
Los Angeles is located in California, USA
The population of Greater Los Angeles Area in 2012 is 3.858 Million people.
Projected Growth
From 2012 to 2060 the Estimated growth will be to 11.6 Million people. A total growth of 7.742 Million people.
Waste Problems
The city of Los Angeles sends 3.7 million tons of waste to landfills each year. Where 2.5 million tons comes from businesses and large apartments. The rubbish then contributes to the amount of pollution and more greenhouse gas emissions than necessary.
48,000 people in LA live in extreme slum conditions. In 2010 a survey of 140 tenants from LA, 75% had cockroaches, 40% had rats or mice, 44% had lack of running water, 47% had broken plaster or peeling paint, 49% suffered chronic allergic symptoms, 25% reported suffering asthma and 15% reported family members suffering lead toxicity.


Living Standards
It is expensive to live in LA, it is one of the most expensive states to live in. On the other hand the houses there are nicely designed and are of good quality.
It is hard to get a job in LA and it also has the second highest unemployment rate in the country
One of the reasons that people go there is because it is along the coast where there are many beautiful beaches.
People spend 30% of their income on rent or mortgage payment
income: $28,222
Median household income: $50,028
Median family income: $54,243
26% of students drop out between year 9 and 12
Pollution Problems
Pollution in Los Angeles (LA) is mostly focused into two parts; the air pollution and the water pollution.
Air pollution is caused due the the geographic location of the place, cars and factories that contribute to the smog that is building up around the city and mountain. The pollution that is occurring in the mountains is causing damage to trees and wildlife animals.
Water pollution can be caused by the smog condensing on top of water and from fireworks that rain on top of the water.
The main pollution is the smog and it is the car, diesel trucks and other engines that are being used everyday that are contributing to the building up of the smog.
Transport Problems
Here are some transportation problems that occur in LA:
Delayed Trains.
Traffic: Los Angeles probably has the worst traffic in the U.S.A.
The metro does not go into some of the neighborhoods so there is a lot of traffic. This is the problem in Beverlyhills, Santa Monica and West LA.
The subway closes after 1:00 am so people that are out late might get stuck.
The subway does not go straight to the airport so people have to walk a fair way.
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