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Imagery in House on Mango Street & in Your Intverviews

No description

Gabriel Russell

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Imagery in House on Mango Street & in Your Intverviews

Imagery in House on Mango Street & in Your Interviews
Describe this picture, using as many adjectives or IMAGERY as possible.
Imagery in House on Mango Street
-Is there imagery used in House on Mango Street?

-How does it help create Esperanza's voice?

Lets view some examples of imagery and sans imagery in House on Mango Street!
Using Photogene, you will create your own picture & word collage about the the person you interviewed!

Takaylah urges Garth to complete his work, just like a mama bird gently pushes the baby birds out of the nest.

Caleb and Selena are mad scientists making late night edmodo responses or feverishly on their latest chemical concoction.

Carine’s headband is a crown of flowers that were gently placed on her head by a stylist as she walked out the door.

Austin’s interpretation of poems and literature reminds me of an apple pie baking. When it’s done, the results are great!
-The way an author describes something my appealing to the readers' senses or something recognizable

-Many of you shared that "it paints a picture in your mind."
If there there is time while you are waiting to present...
-Respond to the latest three posts!
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