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Moss and McAdams Accounting Firm

No description

Kawther Ahmad

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Moss and McAdams Accounting Firm

Moss and McAdams Accounting Firm

Case Overview
Moss and McAdams Accounting Firm is a well-established regional accounting firm with 160 employees located across six offices in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The main office where Bruce Palmer worked, was in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
This case study deals with two projects handled by their main office in Green Bay Wisconsin. Their office manager Ruby Sands is responsible for assigning project team leaders and team members.

Mr. Palmer was able to select his team for the Johnsonville Trucks Audit project; he was pleased with the five accountants assigned to his team; most notably was Zeke Olds, an Army vet, known for coming up with innovated solutions to problems.

Mr. Olds is well liked and his talents were sought at the firm.
Additionally, Moss and McAdams had just hired Ken Crosby, an accountant with nine years experience, hired to manage the special consulting project (Springfield Metal Project). Mr. Crosby wants Mr. Olds on his team.

Rudy Sands was the office manager in the Green Bay office responsible for assigning personnel to different accounts. The problem occurred when Ms. Sands assigned Mr. Olds to split time on both teams; we assume she had no way of knowing this would have gone so poorly. However, we believe this is her fault or at least her place to ensure this does not happen again in the future at the Green Bay office or anywhere within Moss and McAdams again.

From what we see, the problem occurred once two project managers, Palmer and Crosby wanted to both use Olds splitting time between the two projects. After a short while Olds splitting time between both projects was hurting Olds family life and causing problems on Palmer’s project.
Ms. Sands is the office manager and responsible for who manages the team and who will be on the teams.

Ms. Sands failed to support what leaders and team members need to understand about emotions.

Aside from Ms. Sandy’s failure, Mr. Crosby was not willing to work fairly with Mr. Palmer; he did build an efficient team but at Mr. Palmer’s expense. He broke promises and did little to build building social capital with Mr. Palmer in fact he did just the opposite.

Finally, Ms. Sands, Mr. Palmer and Mr. Crosby all failed Mr. Olds as he struggled to balance both project teams and his family life. He was the one in the end who elevated the issues to Ms. Sands; it seems strange that with the office manager and two team leaders involved one of them should have been able to make the difficult decision without Mr. Olds forcing Ms. Sands to make the choice.

If you were Palmer at the end of the case, how would you respond?
Case Questions
I would try and speak to Ms. Sand again regarding keeping him in Palmers project as he is one of the skilled workers in financial information.
Accept the fact that even if he had Olds part time that he was not happy doing two different projects at the same time.
Speak to Olds personally.
Train someone or hire someone full time for Johnsonville as it is also one of the big projects and needs a dedicated employee to be there full time

What, if anything, could Palmer have done to avoid losing Olds?
Objected the suggestions of sharing Olds
He should have spoken to Crisby and Sands before things got out of hand.
Palmer should not have compromised too much on priorities set for Johnsonville
Planned schedule for Olds would have been followed strictly.
As Olds was one of the skilled and demanding employee Palmer should have built a close relationship by appreciation and rewarding more.
What advantages and disadvantages of matrix type organization are apparent from this case?
: resources can be shared across multiple projects.
Strong project focus
: Having formally designed project manager who focuses always on his or her project.
Easier post project transition
: since it works partly on functional division they can return back once the project is done.
What could the management at M&M do to more effectively manage situations like this?
Managing this type of situations from M&M should need to:

Appoint more staff who can work efficiently
Management should monitor what is actually happening in the company, because at this situation management have to be aware of everything happening in the company and the project.
Thank You!
Anfal AlQallaf, Kawther Ahmad, Athari Al-Dorairai
Dysfunctional conflict:
tension between functional managers, work could be delayed and focuses maybe changed time to time which could lead to arguments and different conflicts in the team.
between managers in sharing resources because everyone want the best to do their project.
Project participants may have two bosses, therefore two different commands.
some projects may get bogged down in decision making.
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