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My School is like a Palnt Cell...

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David Heckmuller

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of My School is like a Palnt Cell...

The Teachers are like the Chloroplasts... They receive as much knowledge as they can and then they teach the students from what they have learned, knowledge is like energy, just like the Chloroplasts receive energy from the sunlight and use it to recycle more energy (knowledge), and food. My School is like a Plant Cell Because... The Lockers store anything a student doesn't need at the time. The are used for students to put in there what they need, like the Vacuole stores water, food, and other substances that the cell needs They regulate and keep track of who enters the building and their purpose. They protect the school and see who comes in and goes out, just like the cell membrane, it checks what substances enter the cell and what substances exit the cell The Cafeteria is like the Mitochondria... There is where all students eat and relax after hard work. The cafeteria is where students regain their energy, just like the mitochondria produces most of the cell's energy. The SENDA buses are like the Golgi Body... As you can see... Ms. Spencer is Like The Nucleus... The Lockers are like the Vacuole... The Gate security guards are like the cell membrane... She is the one in charge. She sees all the activities and directs the students and the teachers. It keeps control and looks that everything is working, just like the Nucleus... The cafeteria Kitchen is like the Ribosomes... That is where all the food that the teachers and students eat is cooked, just like the in the ribosomes all of the food that the cell needs is produced The SENDA buses take the students from their homes and transports them to the school, just like the Golgi Body receive material from the ER and transports it around the cell... The Secretaries are like the Endoplasmic Reticulum... The secretaries transport and pass on any mail or messages within the school to all teachers, just like the Endoplasmic Reticulum carries materials from one part of the cell to another The School Property Wall is like the Cell Wall... The school Wall prevents intruders to come in. It protects the school in case of any attack, just like the Cell Wall protects the cell from any damage or injuries My School really is like a plant cell...
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