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Research Opportunities and Scholarships Night

No description

Katie Zhu

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Research Opportunities and Scholarships Night

Research Scholarships and Opportunities Night
Dr. Rheinstadter
Professor of Biophysics
How to find a research position

Sohail Mahmood
Masters of Medical Sciences
(Infection and Immunology)
USRA - Undergraduate Student Research Award

Offered annually by Science, Health Science and Engineering
Value: $5,625 over 4 months
Criteria: Primarily grades-based, but some departments ask for additional information

For more information:
McMaster ROADS
BHSc Summer Research Scholarship
Summer project under McMaster affiliated institutions.
$2000 by BHSc Office and matched by faculty.
10 weeks during the summer
BHSc Level I, II, III
How to find a research position
Dr. Rheinstadter
Working with a grad student
Sohail Mahmood
NSERC - Charles Yin
BHSc Research Scholarship
Katie Zhu
Research Scholarships and Opportunities Guidebook
$5 Membership
$10 Membership + Guidebook
$10 Guidebook ONLY
1. Motivators
2. Transition
3. Expectations
My project
Like our facebook page.
Contact us
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