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The Candy Smash

No description

Cassidy Heller

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of The Candy Smash

The Candy Smash
The main character of the story is Jessie Treski. Jessie is very smart, she skipped third grade and went right into her brothers grade, Evan Treski. Along with her achievements, Jessie also starts her own class newspaper called the "4-0 Forum".
As Valentine's Day nears, Jessie hopes to give everyone in her class a "Love" survey to display on the front page of her newest newspaper edition of the 4-0 Forum. She does do the survey but when she gets to her house to count the total she loses one. Valentines day and she finds the survey. Their is not enough time to change the results. The Valentines Day edition of the 4-0 Forum never got passed out.
4-0 Forum
By: Jacqueline Davies
Jacqueline Davies is a very talented author. She has wrote both novels and picture books. Jacqueline lives in Needham, Massachusetts, with her three children.
Jacqueline Davies
There are many lessons to be learned thought the book.
To me, the most important lesson or theme to the story is
that you should always ask a person if it is okay to write that
person's name in a publicly seen newspaper, billboard, etc.
The setting in the book "The Candy Smash" occurs during present time in February, around and on Valentine's Day. The first main location of this story is the Riverside Elementary School, Room 4-0. The teacher in this room is Mrs. Overton. The second and last setting of this story is the Treski Household. The Treski's live in a very upscale neighborhood with rows of neat, and arranged homes. These two settings were very important to the story.
The first main plot event in The Candy Smash is when Jessie walks into the girl's bathroom and sees something , suspicious on the wall. As she walked closer she read, M.M. + E.T. While she was in the bathroom thinking of what is could mean she thought of Megan Moriarty and Even Treski but why would her best friend like her brother.
This is the book cover. I think that this really fits the story- especially the candy hearts.
The first mystery in the book is the candy hearts. These candy hearts were placed on the kids desk when they were least expecting it. On these hearts were sayings that meant something to each person. The mystery was who was putting these candy hearts on the desks.
Jessie wants to get to the bottom of the writing on the bathroom wall and the mystery of the candy hearts. She needs to find out who did these things before valentines day. The solved mystery will be on the front page of the newest valentines newspaper edition.
To Jessie's great thinking, one person stuck out in her mind; Megan Moriarity. As Jessie put the pieces together, she knew that from the previous summer, Megan had drew the same shape of heart on their lemonade stand as in the bathroom stall. The candy hearts Jessie had recalled Megan say that her uncle owned a candy factory. This candy factory makes the same valentines day candies left on the kids' desks. Megan Moriarity was the one who did both but because Megan was Jessie's best friend she didn't want to get her in trouble so she never produced a newspaper edition.
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