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Mexican Accessories

No description

Gayathri Arahiyullathil

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Mexican Accessories

Mexican Accessories Serape/Sarape & Sombrero Importance of Serapes and Sombrero Sombrero Making a Sombrero Importance of Sombreros Uses of Sombreros Sombrero Importance of Serapes Serape/Sarape Making a serape The Use of Serape Serape or sarape Serapes are ussually worn by men and it reflects the socioeconomic status of the man. Some are worn around the body by putting the head through the hole in the centre of the serape, around the shoulders or folded on one shoulder. Their not designed to be worn directly around the skin. They wear this for protection from both heat and cold outside and also uses it as a pillow and blanket. Serapes are made in numerous areas of Mexico. It is made by Mexica women. It is made by weaving fiber. It's originally made from of cotton and ixtle, a fiber, with traditional designs which reflects their hometown, family or social status. Beauty: It is very colourful & bright and makes it more visible at a further distance.
Modesty: Some women are clothed around the waist which shows modesty.
Tradition: It's tradition is derived from the European and Mesoamerican tradition of weaving. It's a traditional item for presenting your socioecomic status and maybe the weaver's personal experience.
Gender: It is usually worn by men but women do wear it in some Mexican cultures.
Age: The fringe at the bottom of the serape varies depending on the age.
Occupation: Serapes differ according to occupations.
Kinship: The serapes show positive kinship.
Status: How a serape is worn depennds on the status of the individual.
Courtship/Relationship: Serapes build a connection between people who wear it, esp. females. Sombreros ussually have a high pointed crown, an extra wide brim and a string to hold it in place. They come in designs with different colours, woven patterns and decorations. It's often used in traditional mexican celebrations, esp. by communities outside of Mexico. Sombreros are worn by workers and gentlemen. Mexicans wear it on their heads and ties the string to hold it in place. They wear it when it sunny to keep them cool and under shade. It is made in Mexico. It's made by women and they make it by weaving hats out of long hay or grass. It is made from straw, felt or velvet. Beauty: Sombrebos are very eye-catching and it stands out. It's shape is unique and it comes in different designs.
Modesty: It reflects modesty of the culture if you're wearing it.
Tradition: These hats are associated with the jarabe tapatio, a traditional Mexican folk dance.
Gender: Both males and females wear sombreros.
Age: All ages wear sombreros in Mexico when in the hot sun.

Occupation: Sombreros identifies the occupation of the wearer.
Kinship:Sombreros express kinship in the Mexican culture.
Status: The type of sombrero varies depending on the person's status.
Courtship/Relationship: It can be a symbol of courtship and relationships between people. Serape, also known as sarape Serape is a long, blanket-like shawl, worn esp. by men, which is often bright in colour and fringed at the ends. It's very soft and rectangular in shape and can have a hole in the centre to fit the head. Some are made with matching hoods for head covering. Length may vary, but front and back is knee hight on an average person. Sombrero Thank You
By Gayathri.Aranhiyullathil & Farjana.Rahman
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