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Sarah Pawlowski

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Music

Music's True Message
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Hip Hop/Rap
Message in Music
Music can have multiple purposes. It can entertain, educate, or change your mood. People of all ages listen to music while they do other tasks, making it a constant in everyone's lives. Kids play it when doing homework or just because they're bored and adults listen to it in the car or doing work. Music has many parts; beat, lyrics, and genre. Music effects us on energetic and emotional levels regardless of genre or lyrics. So the music you are listening to effects you subconsciously without you knowing. Kids listen to music before they can talk.
Music's effect on teenagers and adults
Problems that these messages cause
In these music videos and songs the messages of doing drugs and inappropriate behavior can have a bad impact. People may believe that if they do the things that the artist or artists are doing or referencing they will be like them and have as much 'fun' as they're having. The fun that people believe they are having is mostly fantasy and come with many consequences that the artist(s) do not mention. Persistent exposure to inapropriate music can nurture negative thoughts and behaviors among certain people.
Even music groups like One Direction that are supposed to be for younger audiences have songs with lyrics that are not appropriate for young girls. An example would be One Directions song that made them popular was WMYB and that song sung about beauty and drawing in a young audience. Now, a lot of songs are about sex, they don't straight out say it but the lyrics imply it. An example is one of their popular songs, No Control.

Another example of a pop song with sexual messages is the song Little Girls by Oingo Boingo, an older pop song that adults would listen to when it was popular. It is about pedophilia. Some of the lyrics are;
"I love little girls they make me feel so good. I love little girls they make me feel so bad."
Hip hop and Rap can have drastic effects on how people see themselves and the rest of the world. Many people shame this kind of music for the message it send to girls and how it can change their perception of themselves. Hip hop and Rap both promote the objectifying of women, as if they are only sexual objects. A study done by WebMD has shown that teens who listen to this music are more likely to have children at a young age and take part in risky sexual behavior. This type of influence can also effect adults that aspire to live that kind of lifestyle. The next song shows the objectification of young women.
Hip Hop and Rap can also influence violence and drug abuse in it's listeners. According to a new study by the nonprofit Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, almost 70 percent of college age students who listen to rap and hip hop music “daily or almost daily" were involved in substance use and/or aggressive behavior. It was also a lot more common to see this behavior with rap/hip hop listeners than in students who listened to less popular/more tamed music. The song 'Kim' by Eminem contains violent lyrics.
One big solution to the problems in listening to this music is not listening to it, But if you do like the artist(s) or the song then you could try to not take the lyrics of the song not so seriously. The things mentioned in the songs are the majority of a fantasy life, so don't let it make you believe it is real. Another solution could be that a lot of bad songs do have clean edited versions that have inappropriate sayings bleeped out.
Music genre graph
Out of the genres that we chose to look into, they are on this graph as being most listened to.
Music is a big part of our everyday life. From child to adult hood music is one of the biggest influences we experience. The media as a whole controls a lot of our behavior and a big part of the media is music. Music can summon a wide range of emotions in us, some bad, some good. It can also influence our actions. From trying to be like your favorite artist, to wanting to be seen as cool for what you listen to, music can change us. There isn't anything necessarily wrong with that. However, during the past four decades, music's lyrics have become increasingly explicit, referencing to sex, drugs, and violence. This type of message doesn't only effect teens though, adults can also take part in being influenced by music, and if they aren't, they are usually very opposed to music and the messages they send.
Musicians have been called ¨modern-day philosophers¨ and have the power to shape our society and its listeners.
Hip Hop/Rap
Bibliography continued
By: Erin Guigar, Katie Minton, and Sarah Pawlowski
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Everyone's music taste is different and music has different effects on everyone. Hip hop and rap tends to objectify women and promote drug and violence use. Pop music is known for having implied sexual messages. And then there's metal, in this case death metal, that continuously has satanic lyrics and violent messages in their songs. Dr. Katrina McFerran from the University of Melbourne has done many studies, including interviews with 50 young people between the ages of 13-18 and national surveys of 1000 young people and found that those who listen to heavy metal music regularly are at a higher risk for depression. A predictable cause to this would be the glorification of death and killing in death metal songs. Not all metal is this explicit, but songs on the more hardcore sides do reference satanic worshiping and violence. The next song says "Hail Satan" multiple times and "No mercy; Death"

Pop Music
Over the past couple years music has become more explicit. 92% of the 174 top ten billboard songs were somehow related to sex. In one of the books we researched in, The New America, it showed the results of a study saying that more girls listen to pop music than boys. 90% for girl vs. 78% for boys. As music has become more popular, it has contributed to the growing communication gap between kids and parents and kids with each other. Parents will be in one room and their kids will be in the room next to them, listening to music and they won't talk to communicate with each other.
The subjects that Metal music focuses on isn't normally heard in mainstream music. They focus on darker themes. The vocal are very aggressive and deep. People who enjoy metal music take pride in that it is more complicated to play and technically more impressive. There is no verse, chorus, or bridge to metal music.
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