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AB InBev - Budweiser Competitors

No description

Christopher Taylor

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of AB InBev - Budweiser Competitors

Competitors Sponsorship Coors Light John Smiths Darts British Horse Racing The Grand National Heineken Budweiser World Cup 2016 FA Cup Carlsberg Arsenal FC Grass Roots Football FA Carlsberg Trophy The England Football Team FA Carlsberg Sunday Cup Carling The Scottish Cup Scottish Football Team The Scottish National Stadium Comedy Guinness Six Nations Rugby (Surfing, BMX, Skate)
(Snowboarding, Skiing) Fosters Online
Content Carling Grolsch Static Content
Brand / Heritage Pub Finder Music News Gig Finder Festival Guide Daily Football News Competitions Guinness Static Content
Brand / Range / Heritage Redirect to Facebook Pub Finder TV Ads Peroni Heineken Fosters Budweiser Carlsberg Coors Light Static Content
Brand / Range / Heritage TV Ads Pub Finder Football Fixtures Static Content
Brand / Range / Heritage Corona Static Content
Brand / Range / Heritage Video, Audio Text Rich Media Content High Quality
Lifestyle Content Food, Design,
Fashion, Brand UEFA Weekly Competition
(Now Closed) TV Ads James Bond
Experience Embedded Comedy Content Sharable Content
'Good Call Centre'
(Now Finished) Budlocator MOTM Match Pint Links To Bud TV Ticket Giveaways Movie/Game
Recommendations Gig Finder Football News,
updated 5 x a year Merchandise
& eCommerce eCommerce with range of
branded merch for customers and licencees Shop has a wide range of Murphys
branded merchandise Shop has a wide range of Guinness branded merchandise Sports Bar in Leicester Square Limited edition merchandise for prize giveaways YouTube Twitter Social
Media RSS Facebook Mobile
Apps CRM Registration Email Comms
eComms Questions 607,000 Budweiser 228,000 Tiger Beer John Smiths 137,000 Carlsberg Carling Zest App Carlsberg 3,268 Followers Peroni 1,250 Followers Fosters Funny 5000+ Followers Budweiser 289 Followers Tiger Beer 1,374 Followers John Smiths Racing News Corona 55,000 Likes Fosters 172,000 Likes Carlsberg Carlsberg For England Team 48,000 Likes That calls for a Carlsberg 988,000 Likes Carling 100,000 Likes Heineken 10,500,000 Likes Grolsch 15,000 Likes Peroni 49,000 likes Guinness 400,000 Likes Coors Light 162,000 Likes FB Playlist App powered by Spotify Carlsberg Drive aware third party App Heineken Rugby Fixtures App Budweiser MOTM Aurasma App Carling Zest Music Composer Grolsch Air Hockey Game Corona Beach VolleyBall Game Facebook
Log In Heineken Carling Budweiser Carling Budweiser Coors Light Signed up but no further comms Budweiser Emails promoting site content and poll questions John Smiths Newsletter with racing news content Grolsch Signed up but no further comms Carlsberg Signed up but no further comms Budweiser Coors Light John Smiths Carling Grolsch Name, Email, DOB, Postal Address, Mobile (Mandatory) Opt in email SMS Carling Welcome Email, no further comms Carlsberg Poll or Segmentation Guinness Guinness 1,500,000
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