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lanc group

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of ECO HOUSE

Energy In Oman production Effects of Air conditioning On Environment Eco Housing strategies Eco-Traditional house On Human consumption 14.33 billion kWh (2004)
fossil fuel 100% 13.33 billion kW\h (2004) solar panels wind turbine Insulation windows Oman is ranked 81 worldwide Jibreen Palace Eco-house Definition An "eco-house" is an environmentally low-impact home designed and built using materials and technology that reduces its carbon footprint and lowers its energy needs. Steel roof Thick walls Few windows Natural materials Nizwa fort purpose Back ground In Done by: Ashwaq Al-shamsi Moza Al-hattali Najla Al-balushi Mryam Al Araimi can you
tell us
about the competition? we were one of the competitors
in Oman eco-house design
competition which was
funded by Research Council, so
we Designed an eco house and
we got the third place. Why do we need
eco-housing in
Oman ? Oman's weather is very hot and
amount of the rain is little therefor
people depend on air conditioners
so, its important to design an eco-house
which will reduces the amount of
electricity used for air condition.
As a result the negative impact of air
condition will reduce. What are the
strategies which
are used to build
an eco-house ? few windows in the eastern
and western facades Solar Cells north front has larger-sized windows
due to the need for ventilation and lighting. we named our idea "box with in box"
the outer box shade the house. we reduced 40% of the consumed power. Interview
AC is a contributing factor to the obesity crisis.
High electricity bill. Ac produce CFC. Oman What about
the cost of
this house? The Primary
Cost of the
building is
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