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Stop Motion Animation

No description

Melanie Rapp

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion
Claymation is stop motion animation using clay.
Puppet animation is stop motion animation using puppets or figures.
Find out all there is to know about this type of stop motion animation:
Write down everything about the scene in detail.
What is stop motion?
Stop motion is a technique used to make objects appear to move.
"If you can dream it, you can do it."
- Walt Disney
Be creative
Work as a team
Shoot more frames than you need
Move your objects a tiny bit at a time
Use a tripod or solid surface to keep your camera still
Remember to use proper camera settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO)
Bump the camera
Change the lighting
Mix up the frames
Waste time!
Use blurry shots in final product.
How is it made?
Take a picture
Move the character
Repeat (a thousand times!)
Puppet Animation
Paper Animation
Paper animation is stop motion animation using paper cut outs.
Classic Animation
Different types of stop motion animation:
make a
stop motion animation?
Decide on the type of stop motion animation you want to make.
Find websites on Google
Watch videos on YouTube
Draw a storyboard.
Create your set and characters.
Upload onto your computer and edit.
Shoot lots and lots of frames!
Classic animation is stop motion animation using drawings.
Add title/end page and sound.
Use Garage Band OR royalty free music
(NOT copyrighted).
Just follow these 6 steps:
Some helpful tips:
Your storyboard is DUE on Tuesday!
Set and characters is due on Friday!
Your frames are due on Thurs. the 27th!
The final stop motion animation must be finished and uploaded by Feb 28th!
Some more examples
There are MANY more on the class blog!
Let's Collaborate!
Yes, this WHOLE PROJECT is all about collaboration! In your groups, answer the following questions and email to mrapp@dcsdk12.org
1. In stop motion animation, there are many roles. What roles are there and how does each role impact the end result?
2. Why is collaboration important in life?
3. Why is collaboration important in stop motion animation?
4. How will you contribute to your group?

Enduring Understanding: Working together collaboratively leads to innovative ideas.
1. At least 10 seconds/100 frames.
2. Title and end page/frame.
3. Use first names only - no last names! May use initials if safety is a concern.
4. Export as a .mov from iMovie. Email Ms. Rapp the .mov
5. All videos will be uploaded to YouTube. If you do not wish to do this, or wish for your video to be "private", please let me know.
6. Attach YouTube video to your ePorfolio (Insert; YouTube Video).
7. Remember your photography skills: No blurry images! Thanks!
"Share" in iMovie to Quicktime & email Ms. Rapp the .mov file. Post YouTube link to ePorfolio.
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