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Empowering Foster Youth Through Social Media

No description

Kelsey Greene

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Empowering Foster Youth Through Social Media

Empowering Foster Youth Through Social Media
Kelsey Greene I Jonathan Friesem

A student at UB
A web designer
A filmmaker
A media literacy educator
Professor Renee Hobbs
A media education instructor in Israel
A PhD student in a joint program between URI/RIC
First Star URI Academy
Goal: college readiness for foster youth
Foster youth:
Neglected & Abused
Trust, relationship, and communication issues

Course Objectives
5 Corners Activity
I Am Activity
Final Video Project
Mission: improve media literacy education through scholarship and community service.

We served as instructors who performed action research
Media Literacy Course
22 foster students
14-16 years old
1 month of the summer
2012, 2013
How can we use social media to empower foster youth?
We Created a Private Facebook Group
Interact with peers with similar situations
Safe environment
Grow lasting relationships over time
Using Facebook in the Classroom
The 5 questions:

1) Who is the author and what is the purpose of the message?

2) What techniques are used to attract your attention?

3) What lifestyle, values and point of view are represented?

4) How might different people interpret the message differently?

5) What is omitted
from the message?
Use of the
Group After
the Final Class
A Month Later...
There were:
72 posts,
235 comments and
made by the students
in the group
One Year Later...
Students are still using the group
They have strengthened relationships
They post frequently about their accomplishments and struggles
Program leaders also play more active role in group- support
Students completed the statement "I am" 5 times then posted their responses with corresponding images on Tumblr.
Digital literacies
Responsible use of Social networks
Media production
Critical analysis
Civic engagement
Questions & Comments:
Kelsey Greene
Twitter: kelseylgreene

Jonathan Friesem
Twitter: yonty

Media Education Lab

First Star Academy
Desired competencies (
College Readiness...
Post on your wall
Post on ‘their’ wall
Post on private
group wall
Send private message
Don’t do anything on
Facebook about it
Situations to give to students:

A friend lied to you
You took a picture of your friend at the beach
It’s your friend’s birthday
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