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Methodologies of DA_15.11.16

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Kalina Zhekova

on 19 November 2018

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Transcript of Methodologies of DA_15.11.16

Kalina Zhekova
Methodologies of Discourse Analysis in the Study of Foreign Policymaking
Identity - Foreign Policy
University of Leeds
Doctoral Researcher
Units of discourse
ASHLEY, R. 1989. Living on Border Lines: Man, Poststructuralism, and War. In: Der Derian, J. and SHAPIRO, M. eds. International/Intertextual Relations: Postmodern Readings of World Politics. New York: Lexington, pp.259-322.
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FOUCAULT, M. 1970-1975.
Dits Et Ecrits
. Vol. 11. Paris: Gallimard.
HANSEN, L. 2006. Security as practice: discourse analysis and the Bosnian War. London: Routledge.
MILLIKEN, J. 1999. The Study of Discourse in International Relations: A Critique of Research and Methods. European Journal of International Relations. 5(2), pp.225-254.
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ÓTUATHAIL, G. and Agnew, J. 1992. Geopolitics and discourse: practical geopolitical reasoning in American foreign policy. Political geography. 11(2), pp.190-204.
ÓTUATHAIL, G. 2002. Theorizing practical geopolitical reasoning: the case of the United States’ response to the war in Bosnia. Political Geography. 21(5), pp.601-628.
SAID, E. 1985. Orientalism: Western conceptions of the Orient. New York: Penguin

Structure Outline
Basic theoretical background - 'Discourse as theory and practice'
Units of discourse
- Basic & histrical discourse
- Storyline
Lene Hansen's approach
( Jørgensen and Phillips 2002)
-meaning in use; meaning

- A set of rules or ‘ready-at-hand language practices’ by which text, speech and social practices are made meaningful
(Shapiro, 1989, p.11; Ó Tuathail and Agnew, 1992)
Intertextual models
Textual selection - key texts and general material
Data 'Coding'
Data 'coding' - NVivo
Iterative process
Categories of 'coding' based on analytical framework
Inter/textual references - explicit and implicit
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