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Copy of World Skills Environmental Science Competition

No description

liam carr

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of World Skills Environmental Science Competition

Renewable Energy Sustainable Energy
A sustainable competition
for WorldSkills Designing an energy portfolio Thanks to
Romag Filmed at Newcastle College Zones Zone 1 Renewable Energy Resources Zone 2 Sustainable solutions Overview Each zone will contain a number of modules designed to test the competitors problem solving and practical skills 2 Zones The Competition would suit young people from a variety of disciplines. EG apprentices from sustainable industries or students studying Environmental Science Who is it for? Practical: Constructing a Solar Array Data Collection: Domestic wind turbine testing Data analysis: Providing justification for decisions made Sustainable solutions Final Day Module Data Visualisation Use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Software Changes make for a more focused competition with greater depth Team Competition 2 Competitors Worldskills competitiors know they are part of something big. An Environmental Science Competition would mean that worldskills were part of something bigger: The development of skills that will be used to shape the future of our planet. Positive impact Valuable feedback in Jeju More focused competition Where will we find these students? Technical University Munich
Sustainable Resources Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Renewable Resources and Renewable Energies Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondhiem
Energy and Environmental Consequences Newcastle College
Sustainable Industries The array will configured for optimum performance Data Collection Measuring the output of a prefabricated solar panel Wind speed and direction Light intensity and
angle of incidence Energiewende A competition for now... ...and for the future Skills that are developed today... ...will solve the problems of tomorrow "an unstoppable energy revolution" Thank you for your support Testing the viability of small scale hydroelectic Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Applied Sciences Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology
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