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Role Reversal

No description

Kiara Dees

on 5 May 2017

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Transcript of Role Reversal

Men do "dirty jobs" such as construction and mechanics; they are not secretaries, teachers, or cosmetologists

Men do not do housework and they are not responsible for taking care of children

Men are in charge; they are always at the top

As husbands, men tell their wives what to do

Men are lazy and/or messy

It is always men who work in science, engineering, and other technical fields

Men do not cook, sew, or do crafts

Women are supposed to have "clean jobs" such as secretaries, teachers, and librarians

Women are not as strong as men

Women are supposed to make less money than men

Women are supposed to be submissive and do as they are told

Women are supposed to cook and do housework

Women are responsible for raising children

Women are meant to be the damsel in distress; never the hero

Women are never in charge
● Glass ceiling

● Men tend to get paid more than women even if they hold the same job title

● Women tend to have the smaller roles in offices such as secretary, assistants, etc.

● Men play more of the bigger roles such as CEO, supervisors,etc.

● Why?

● Women do more things that revolve around the inside of the house
○ Cleaning the house
○ Cooking
○ Taking care of the kids
○ Laundry

● Men do more of the outside chores
○ mowing the laud
○ cleaning the gutters
○ washing the car
○ raking the leaves
○ Why ?


Men are unfeeling and insensitive.

Men are afraid to commit in a relationship and form an attachment.

Men do not have a primary interest in marriage and parenthood.

Women are sensitive and intuitive.

Women can easily form deep emotional attachments.

Women are primarily interested in a long term relationship and parenthood.
Battle of the Sexes
Role Reversal
The Epic Battle of the Sexes
Work Place
I bring home the bacon and she fries it
This is a man's world
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