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How to survive your first week of High School.

No description

Anthony Estrada

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of How to survive your first week of High School.

1.) To avoid getting detention it is best if you get to school early.
Tips/tricks to beat the crowd
1.) If you want to get to class early to avoid being late, get to school early
Cafeteria food
1.) Its not the best food like restraunts but it's much better than lower grade school
Teachers to look out for
If you want to be a smarty pants and think you know everything you better watch your back because those teachers will be on you like a coach. Just do you work and respect the teachers and peers and you won't run into trouble with anybody. But beware Mr. Cornett......just saying.
Best thing about H.S.
1.) More freedom than middle school
Biggest truths/myths
There are none so don't worry about it!!!!!!!! Just do your work and stay in school that's all I gotta say!!!!!
How to survive your first week of High School.
By: Anthony Estrada
2.) You can also just shove through people but make sure they don't see you
2.) There's a bigger variaty a foods to choose from.
2.) If you have only a few seconds to get to class before the late bell rings then you better haul your tush and run!
2.) More exciting electives to choose from
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