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Causes for Merger and Separation of Singapore and Malaysia

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Ashley Chan

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Causes for Merger and Separation of Singapore and Malaysia

Reasons for Merger:
Singapore felt that it will be difficult to survive as an independent state.

Singapore also lacked natural resources, they had limited space and a growing unemployment rate.

Malaya had also introduced trade tariffs on goods between both countries.
Hopes of the PAP ( People's Action Party) after the merger :
With a merger, PAP hoped that common market would be set up to support new industries which will solve the problem of unemployment.
The PAP saw that only a merger with Malaya (now known as Malaysia) would help them to achieve independence from the British.

A state like Malaya would allow Singapore to achieve independence without the British worrying that the communists would take over Singapore.
Reasons for Separation:
When Singapore merged with Malaya (now known as Malaysia) there was a lot of racial tension.
The Chinese in Singapore despise being mistreated against by Federal policies of approving the action , which gave special privileges to the Malays approved under one of the laws of Malaya.

Islam was the sole official religion, although non-Muslims maintained the freedom of worship.
Some racial riots happened , and curfews were frequently met to restore order. The president of Indonesia wanted to confront Malaya and then they bombed us in March 1965.
The 1964 Race Riots that took place on Prophet Muhammad's birthday on July 21, with twenty-three killed and hundreds injured as Chinese and Malays attacked each others.
Any Questions???
Causes for Merger
and Separation of


Done by: Ashley (Walking Hamster Fish)
Tiffany (Kpop crazy fans girl)
Professor Tan

Hope Not
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