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I want to believe!

the misc misc story.

marco signorello

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of I want to believe!

lol The Misc Misc Trip!
(Aka Bangkok trip) The Hentai Moment One day, we decided to make a trip together. Our first love/whore was daimasu Daimasu, we love you! (or the thighs moment) May, where are we going? Yoawarat? Silom? This is my point of view of that travel! :D will he survive the trip? where is bahrain?!? lol who knows? may? Here, there and also there! Wat Pho?! sukumvit? Or Stocazzo? :D May May & Marco Directed by Marco & May

Produced by Stocazzo Production

Written on the fly

Camera Marco's and may's brain

Edited by Marco

Cast Marco Signorellozy as "lucky Marco"
May Corpuzvist as "misc misc girl"

Music by Everything Everything

Special Thanks To the fortune teller that we luckily avoided, the Ayuttaya tuk tuk driver, and our wallets :P Intercontinental flight!?
Ommaronna! The landing Looking at you for the very first time was like drinking 100
cups of coffee while being drunk, and the unsuccessful
surprise at the airport was one of the first effects that
you caused in me.. something strange was growing.

What's that!?!? What did you do to me? i am shitting hearts
uahahah! damn food stalls! :P NOOO! :D What?!

Only 4 hours to eat? well, we needed only one hour... + Daimasu's meat First foot Massage + a lot of daimasu's meat oh na na, what's my name! Amnesia From the night of the third day, i really had problems to remember the right day and what we have done together. lol lol lol lol lol lol but The Marathon Yes, Marathon. The food marathon that we had :D what else? Ah! Right, also the marathon done to reach take a nap after baiyoke sky hotel. The flight! Duet something that i will never forget about, is the Baiyoke hotel rooftop. Looking at that multitude of lights with you was like be able to count the stars.. The Takumi Fight We reached the apex in food porn thanks to takumi.
We will never forget about her salmon tits and her "white delicious fish with lemon" ass (thank me for not using ...that! ).
Yes, for me, it will be always a lady :P Marco (A.K.A second whore) The Thai Massage Marco + random Ladyboy May + skillful lady ouch ouch We had a short lesson about the L rule... (the inclination of the phrases is directly linked to the moment's shyness) Takumi Aftermath First time with "iron lady" (or trip to Ayuttaya) This is my first experience with the trains in
Bangkok The last experience, maybe, with Ayuttaya.
I don't want to mention the high temperature or the quantity of water drunk. First time with "iron lady" 2 (or trip to Ayuttaya) And i don't want to mention the priceless first
kiss with a plastic frog. But i'll never forget sitting next to you on the
temple's stairs. Neither haggling with the tuk tuk
driver. But most of all i'll never forget your
smiles there. your smiles... The Chopsticks Wars (A.K.A marco in Din Tai Fung) You gave me the wonderful possibility to erase every prejudice about food. For luck i had the chance to try the wonderful
dumplings! That, now, i know it's not the name of some kind of monsters from StarCraft 2 :D the misc misc The Ramen Incident how to find random places :D How we have found that place only the fortune teller could know it :D Still it was really nice and romantic :* And looking at our faces, it was really tasty !!! Visiting parents (a.ka. depressed buddha) HEY! take off your shoes and don't try to climb that monument!

done see, without shoes.. may! The four lamps Monster the art piscpisc museum Skipping the maniacs and the strange potraits and statues..
We really loved the book there
and the four lamps statue (?) The last run.. ..the sad part The only thing that let us flee from Bangkok was something that we really didn't expect there.. the end.. ..for now I love you,
May Corpuz pisc pisc lova lova takumi stealer
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