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Where does my food come from?

No description

Stephanie Piech

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Where does my food come from?

Production Processing Manufacturing& Distribution Kitchen Consumer Farms GMO Large Scale vs Local
Agriculture Farmers Fair Trade, ethically sourced Organic Synthetic Ingredients "Real Food" Slow Food FDA 3rd party certified Food Additives Manual Processing plants Packaging Marketing Packaging Materials Personal Preference Green Washing Interaction with Producer Farm to Fork Knowledge of ingredients Health Safety Nutrition Customer Interaction and Communication Customer Satisfaction Where Does my Food Come From?
An Overview Management Large Scale vs Small Scale F&T and SYSCO Eating Habits Education Sodexo's Better Tomorrow Plan FOR YOUR HEALTH
We will provide and promote varied and balanced food options.

We will promote choices with reduced sugar, salts, and fats.

We will develop and promote health and wellness solutions for our employees, clients, and customers We will ensure compliance with a Global Sustainable Supply Chain Code of Conduct.

We will source and promote sustainable equipment and supplies.

We will reduce non-organic waste at our sites and in our operations.

We will reduce organic waste generated at our sites and in our operations

We will reduce our water intensity across all of our operations and at clients’ sites

We will reduce our carbon intensity across all operations and clients’ sites.

We will source sustainable fish and seafood.

We will source local, seasonal or sustainably grown and raised products. FOR YOUR COMMUNITY

We will support local community Development.

We will increase the purchase of products sourced from fairly traded and responsibly certified sources.

We will fight hunger and malnutrition by engaging the entire Sodexo community. Food Miles Marketing Nutritional Information Ingredients Allergens Artisan Know where your food comes from
Local Foods on Campus Not local? Try Fair Trade Fresh Food Market- Towers Dining Hall Eat Food, not too much. Mostly Plants
-Michael Pollan Eat with your mind,
Speak with your stomach Thank those who create and prepare your food Get involved Don't be afraid to ask
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