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vertebrates and invertebrates.

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Harry Kim

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of vertebrates and invertebrates.

VERTEBRATES and INVERTEBRATES. Differences and Similarities VERTEBRATES Vertebrates are animals with a Backbone or Spinal Column: (All these animals are in the phyla Chordata and the subphyla Vertebrata.) INVERTEBRATES Invertebrates are animals without a Backbone or Spinal Column. DIFFERENCES between VERTEBRATES and INVERTEBRATES The main differences between vertebrates and invertebrates are that vertebrates have backbones, but invertebrates don't. Here are some information you might want to know: Vertebrates Well-developed internal skeleton; highly developed brain;
have advanced nervous system; outer covering of
protective cellular skin Animals with an internal skeleton
made of bone are called vertebrates Invertebrates Multicellular; no back bone; no cell walls; reproduce sexually; heterotrophic. Animals without a backbone VERTEBRATE INVERTEBRATE (Backbone) (NO Backbone) (Animals) (Animalia) (Chordata) (NO Cell walls) (30 Phyla) (Big in size) (57,739) (2 million) (98% of animal species
are invertebrates.) (2% of the animal species
are vertebrates.) PICTURES
INVERTEBRATES How many are there? Which came first? There are about 57,739 vertebrates and 1 million invertebrates in the world today. There are way more invertebrates in the world than vertebrates, and it always have. Scientists say that invertebrates existed before the vertebrates. In fact, they think that invertebrates were the first cordatas that ever existed in the world. THANK YOU
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