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Library Service Induction 15-16

What does the Library service offer students at Candi? Watch this presentation to find out...

David Gregory

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Library Service Induction 15-16

Welcome to the library!
ICT equipment
PCs, laptops and scanners
All-in-one photocopiers and printers
Your librarians
Journals, magazines and newspapers
You can borrow an item for 1 or 3 weeks, a sticker will indicate its loan length.

You can renew your items as many times as you need while studying at the college, unless it is reserved by another learner.

Some items are for reference only, and others can be borrowed for a whole term.
The self service machine can scan your ID card in order to borrow and renew items, as well as to pay fines on your account. You can also use it to return items.
Fines are charged for overdue items so remember to renew your items regularly!

If the item you need is on loan you need to reserve it online or by asking a librarian.

You will receive an email once the item is returned and we will hold it for you for collection for 1 week.
Self service
Loan period
Requests and reservations
The library environment
Please help us keep it a place for everyone to study peacefully by:
Health and safety
Fire alarm
In the event of a fire, please leave the building in an orderly fashion, following the fire exit signs to the nearest fire assembly point and following the instructions of staff.
Trip hazards
Please ensure your belongings are kept under tables so people do not trip over them.
Wireless access
Using the Library
• Observing quiet/silent study rules

• Only bringing in agreed food and drinks

• Keeping mobile phones on silent and holding phone conversations outside the library

Thank you!
Accessibility Equipment
Card readers...
and more
including: headphones, rulers and calculators.
Good luck with your studies!
Your centre's library team are here to help you with your studies. You can ask them for help with finding a book or resource, research and study skills and ICT support.
Study areas

Your library will have both quiet and silent study areas, please be respectful of others when using the library.

If you need a private study space, some of the centres offer bookable study rooms as well.
The library will charge you 5p a day for each item overdue. If the fines on your account are over £1 you will be unable to borrow or renew items.
Information literacy
As well as answering your questions on researching topics and completing assignments, we also offer help on improving your "information literacy" through class workshops (booked by your teacher) or 1 to 1 assignment support sessions (booked by yourself or your teacher).
Study skills
Social media
and Images
Research skills
Referencing and
Please ask your librarian about other workshops and types of assignment support.
Online resources
and journals
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