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Soc 235, Lecture 16

No description

Ron Jacobs

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of Soc 235, Lecture 16

Review: Two Key Civic Benefits of Belonging to Voluntary Associations learn skills for dealing with conflicts and differences of opinion aggregation of influence (most effective way to influence public opinion/policy) Are Voluntary Associations on the Decline? yes: Robert Putnam no: Henry Jenkins since the 1950s, participation in voluntary associations has decreased, while television watching has increased less trust
less involvement Do voluntary associations breed intolerance?
Does television/new media breed tolerance? As media become more important, do voluntary associations become less important than the public sphere? As people become more global and cosmopolitan, do voluntary associations seem too small and provincial? beneficial features of convergence culture development of media skills low entry costs strong support for sharing good informal mentorship continual adaptive upgrading
and innovation global outreach, cosmopolitan perspective
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