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Savvy Solutions

Vida Swimwear Campaign

Jackie Herrera

on 28 March 2017

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Transcript of Savvy Solutions

A Campaign for:
focus group
Vida beads for each line
Vida Aware
Vida Glamorous
Vida Essentials
Vida Unique
Vida Rebellious
focus on awareness months
tailored to
glamorous lifestyle
lots of "sparkle"
back to the basics
life on the edge
silver studs
dark colors
"the nail that sticks out will NOT be hammered down"
limited editions
one-of-a-kind swimwear
5 personalities
Public Relations
Social Media
FREE Fashion Show
1st weekend in December
hosted Friday/Saturday
announce store grand opening
Why host the event?
great locations to raise awareness of the brand in the target market
$200 donation from Vida to go towards sorority philanthropy
rewards card for Vida to be
handed out at event
give-away for Facebook check-in
the preshow for the fashion show
press releases to the FIU Beacon, UM Hurricane, Miami New Times
flyers passed out at sorority meetings and "rush hours"
Facebook and Twitter updates on event information
introduce all swimwear lines and beads
The Grand Opening
get the customers to the location
continues to promote brand awareness
solidifies brand image
How to get people there
press release in Miami New Times
focus on event details and Vida lines
flyers promoting grand opening passed out at Sunset area
End of the year fashion show
hosted at Club 50 at the Viceroy
Friday, December 6, 2013
One-year Campaign
+200 surveys
secondary research
tiered pricing
Essentials: $30
Aware & Rebellious: $35-$50
Unique & Glamorous: $60-$80
pricing allows to give % to cause and receive profit
less manufacturing costs than unique and glamorous lines
65% surveyed are willing to spend this amount on a limited swimsuit
Vida Aware Line
target market is a collectivist group
sense of community is important
Awareness Months
February: Heart Disease
July: Support our Troops
October: Breast Cancer
December: AIDS
target market
Hispanic females
ages 18-25
living in Miami-Dade county
radio spots on Power 96.5 and Mega 94.9
bus wrap
A boutique on Sunset Drive
demographics show higher income
large % of college students in that area
79% surveyed purchase swimwear at a physical location
A physical location is important
53% will spend $21-$40 on a swimsuit
why a lower price tier?
6:30 - 9 p.m.
exclusive priority entrance to loyal customers
show what's coming for 2014
getting them there
press releases to Miami New Times
radio spots on Power 96.5 and Mega 94.9
personally invite news stations, newspapers and magazines for event coverage
flyers to current customers and surrounding businesses
mail beads to zip codes highly concentrated with our target market
keeping a relationship with customers
each bead will have Vida's signature "V" on the other side
the weekend after the FIU/UM fashion shows
629,982,480 global users
146,267,580 United States users
female United States users
18-25 female United States users
18-25 female Miami-Dade users
Magazine & Online

make a big impression on the public
result in high numbers of reach and frequency
billboard locations
•SW 8th Street / Red Road facing East

•US 1 SW 37th Avenue facing North

•US 1 SW 132nd Street facing South
bus wrap
a large canvas that creates maximum exposure
places Vida on the map to commuters and bystanders in the South Beach area
bus route
79% drive on a weekly basis
15.3% commute on a bus
90% age 18 or older are
exposed every day
considerations of outdoor advertising
Miami New Times
reach 546,491 readers in print and over 2 million online monthly visitors
Best of Miami Issue
Radio & TV
Mega 94.9 & Power 96.5
both cater to target market
free TV exposure
Deco Drive and NBC Live Miami
become part of the community by reaching at home
the objectives
1.To establish brand awareness
2.To establish a cohesive brand image
3.To begin to build customer relationships
We want the consumer to think: you can live any lifestyle through
Vida Swimwear
middle to upper class
support causes every four months
Magazine & Online Ads
Outdoor Advertising
flyers & events
Social Media
Total= $161,432
$ budget $
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