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verb "to be"

No description

Carles Ribas

on 2 October 2010

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Transcript of verb "to be"

the verb "to be" "to be" is an irregular verb so you will have to learn it BY HEART BY HEART=DE MEMÒRIA I AM a teacher

you ARE a student

he IS English

she IS my sister

it IS a book

we ARE very happy

you ARE in the classroom

they ARE football players
subject + verb "to be" + complement I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they my mother, my sister... the doctor,
the policeman... John, Peter, Carles, Jordi,
Paula, Anna, Linda... my parents, John and Martha, the students... the house, the classroom,
the weather, the sun... the dog, the cat,
the whale... SUBJECT We also use it to express our age: ... and feelings or sensations: We express the weather with "it" and "is" I'M a teacher

you'RE a student

he'S English

she'S my sister

it'S a book

we'RE very happy

you'RE in the classroom

they'RE football players
long form short form AFFIRMATIVE subject verb "to be" complement QUESTIONS NEGATIVE short form long form I AM NOT a teacher

you ARE NOT a student

he IS NOT English

she IS NOT my sister

it IS NOT a book

we ARE NOT very happy

you ARE NOT in the classroom

they ARE NOT football players
I'M NOT a teacher

you AREN'T a student

he ISN'T English

she ISN'T my sister

it ISN'T a book

we AREN'T very happy

you AREN'T in the classroom

they AREN'T football players
ARE WE / YOU / THEY English? subject + verb "to be" NOT + complement YOU ARE ENGLISH ARE YOU ENGLISH? SHORT ANSWERS
(YES/NO) Are you English? Yes, I am / No I'm not
Is he / she / it English? Yes, he / she / it is --- No, he / she / it isn't
Are you / they English? Yes you / they are --- No, you / they aren't
yes, I'm TO BE= SER / ESTAR We use the verb "to be"
to describe things or people The car is red Pau Gasol is tall I'm thirteen years old She's 24 She's sad Peter is hungry Today it's windy / sunny / cold... REMEMBER --> it's=it is For expressions of time... ...and place They're at home USES EXAMPLES: It's nine o'clock present simple to be
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