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Harry Potter Themes, Motifs and Symbols

No description

Amy Smith

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Harry Potter Themes, Motifs and Symbols

By Amanda and Amy Themes Rags to Riches Heroism Breaking the Rules Dudley

The Mirror of Erised

Voldemort Rags to Riches


Breaking Rules

The Dangers of Desires Harry 's life before Hogwarts

He is actually rich in his new "world”

Servant to being rich and famous He is an accidental hero. He was a baby who was loved by his mother whom from that love was protected from Voldemort. Harry is constantly breaking the rules:

•He enters the third floor
•He goes into the restricted area of the library
•He flies his broom when he shouldn't
•He doesn’t report Hagrid when he finds out he has a dragon

He only becomes Hermione’s friend after she also rebels and lies to a teacher. The Dangers of Desires Harry Potter: Themes, Motifs and Symbols Did Dumbledore plan to have Harry grow up in a terrible household to help make him a more humble person?

What if Dumbledore tired to have him raised by another witch or wizard so that he was growing up knowing he was a “hero” do you think that would have changed Harry’s personality/the type of hero he would be?

Without his friends would he still be a hero?

To be a hero do you have to rebel? Is it sometimes necessary to question and even break the rules? Motifs Muggles vs. wizards There is a lot of emphasis on muggles or non-magic folk hating wizards and witches and the reverse, does this remind you of anything? Race/discrimination

Instead of having issues with race like we do, in this novel having different abilities is the “race/discrimination” issue. It seems they hate each other. The Dursley’s hate everything magical. Magical folk talk about muggles like they are brainless and not as smart as themselves. We do not get to hear what other muggles feel about magical folk Who has more of a hatred for whom, muggles for magical people or magical people people for muggles? Why? Mostly both “kinds” of people tend to keep to themselves. They have different “worlds” where magical people are able to stay away from muggles and muggles do not know about them. Different Worlds Does this work for them? Why? Do you agree that they should be kept separate? Should muggles know about magical people? Symbols Harry’s Scar

Harry is known because of his scar. People know more about him then he does about himself all because of what happened when he was a baby. How does he cope with this? Does he fill the role people have put on him?
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