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Jiobie testing 123

No description

ZhiShiun Teo

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Jiobie testing 123

We used to hang out and do stuff! Cool stuff! Exciting stuff!
Say, you have just graduated and started working. You realize you have been tied down to work and
your circle of friends expand at a very slow rate or STOPS GROWING ENTIRELY!
Ok, everyone's busy with school,
work and everything else. So are
saying you simply make new friends
Are you saying you can simply make new friends and catch up
And you can have
5000 new friends!
Adding friends online is simply a click away but how well do you know your new friends?
Have you...
Seen them in person?
Spoke to them in person?
Or hung out with them?
Busy is one of the reasons.
500 new friends? no?
Most people don't mind having new friends but for those who do mind,
weren't we all strangers before we became friends?
So we met our friends in school and at work.
But it's not easy to find someone who thinks like you and shares your interest.
Wouldn't it be great if there was a way for you to know people
who share your interest,
At Jiobie, you can!
Look for activities that interest you and join them!
You can also host activities and Jio friends or simply Jio from a list of interested Users!
You get to choose
So you’ve gotten to know your new friends! Now, go ahead and rate your new friends' "friend rating”.
This is to get everyone to know how awesome your new friends are!
Right, so what's next?
Upload and share the photographs or videos that were taken during the activity.
So that your awesome friends and you can remember the moments
when you do the awesome stuff together!
Too awesome to be true?
It's like
We had such great times!
Remember that time we agreed to do this every year?
We spent less time hanging out
But as time went by and our lifestyle changed,
The "Jio" feature allows you to ask your friends along!
This allows you to meet new awesome friends who share your interest!
and the activity!
the people
the place
the time
want to hang out
and have the time to hang out?
"Hey! I didn't know you liked this too!"
Your Awesome friends
Simply join activities or host one and you would set yourself to meet new awesome friends!
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