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Skill Related Fitness Project

Summer Vacation Client

Kristen Rivera

on 22 May 2011

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Transcript of Skill Related Fitness Project

Skill Related Fitness Project Client: Michelle Gonzalez Age and Gender: 30 Year Old Female Body Type: Athletic Body Type Limitations: Balance and Speed Strengths: Reaction Time and Power Destination: Going on a summer vacaction to the Dominican Republic Skill Related Fitness Levels Agility: Average Balance: Below Average Coordination: Average Power: Above Average Reaction Time: Above Average Speed: Below Average Physical Challenges Hiking at El Choco National Park
Skills Needed: Agility, Balance, Speed, Reaction Time
Equipment: Athletic clothing, hiking boots, backpack with energy bars, water and any other supplies you might need like insect repellent. Mountain Biking at Septentrional Mountain Range
Skills Needed: Power, Coordination, Speed, and Agility
Equipment: Mountain bike, athletic clothing, backpack filled with energy bars, water and other supplies like
insect repellent. Whitewater Rafting at Rio Yaque de Norte near Jarabacoa
Skills Needed: Power, Speed, Reaction Time, Coordination
Equipment: Raft, paddles, life jacket, safety helmets, and
clothing that can dry quickly. Scuba Diving at The Three Rocks
Skills Needed: Power, Coordination, and Reaction Time
Equipment: A mask, a snorkel, fins, booties, a wetsuit, a dive computer, a scuba regulator, a scuba BCD, and a dive watch. Training Exercises Agility: Set up a small obstacle course with various obstacles. Run across the obstacle course without bumping into any of the obstacles. Run across the obstacle course three times a week, each time changing the course in some way. Balance: Walk along an imaginary balance beam for 30 seconds. Each day increase the amount of time to complete the exercise by 5 seconds. Coordination: Try shooting a target with a bow and arrow twenty times a day, three times a week. Every week move a foot farther away from the target. Power: Do 50 jumping jacks a day, five days a week, each week jumping higher than the week before. Reaction Time: Start running at the blow of a whistle ten times a day. Do this activity four times a week. Speed: To help improve my client’s speed, every other day she will sprint a quarter of a mile and decrease the time it takes her to complete the quarter of a mile each week. The steep rocky land at el Choco National Park requires speed, agility, reaction time and balance to cross. The numerous mountains in the Septentrional Mountain Range require leg power, speed, coordination, and agility to cross. The turbulent water in the Rio Yaque de Norte require power, speed, reaction time, and coordination to stay afloat. In order to see the beautiful reef at the Three Rocks, you need to have power, good coordination, and a fast reaction time to avoid the animals, rocks and coral that you are swimming around. The sprints are specific to hiking, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting. Specificity Progression My client will start at the level she is currently exercising at slowy progress to a more difficult routine. Reversibility To prevent my client from losing the skills that she has gained she will alternate activities. Tedium To make sure that the activities do not get boring they will be alternated. Overload Frequency My client will perform at least one activity each day. Intensity Time Each activity will last at least 30 minutes with the average time spent on an activity being 45 minutes to an hour. My client will start the activities at a level she is comfortable with and gradually practice the activities longer, or harder than before Type My client will try her best to do well on the sprints and walking on the balance beam because these are the areas that she needs to improve in the most. HOPE project by Kristen Rivera
Unit 4 Skill Related Fitness
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