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Rosemary's Baby

No description

Marianna Kyriakides

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby
Music in background (atmospheric)- classical music such as the Fur Elise, suppose to be peaceful and calming but has dark sinister undertones.
The beginning has high pitched music which sounds like a sinister lullaby.
Classical music juxtaposes the darkness of the lighting and the setting of the apartment and building.
Audience Response
The audiences response to Rosemary's Baby would be ultimate fear due to the date of production (1968) as in that time that would have been considered an unthinkable Horror.
More over the fact that at the end when Rosemary accepted the child for what it was (Devils baby) that was an even more horrifying concept and links with the unthinkable. Roman Polanski done an excellent job of keeping suspense as the audience were kept on edge through out the movie, and only found out what really was going on in the last 5 minutes.
Rosemary's Baby is a Horror which if viewed now it wouldn't be seen as scary as it was when it was released.
camera shots
Extreme close up- necklace
Canted angles- of the dream creates A sense of the unknown and dark undertones.
Rule of three- Rosemary, Guy and Doctor creates suspense.
Lighting-changes at the beginning it is high key lighting, then towards the end it becomes low key lighting as the story plot develops.
The lighting of the bedroom is bright (yellow) which contrasts to the fact that a dark action took place in which Rosemary had conceived the Devils child.
Costume- Rosemary wears very pure bright clothing, such as the blue night gown at the end which is very innocent and has connotations of Mary who wore blue.
Body language- Rosemary's body language changes throughout the movie, at the beginning she stands tall, but at the end she starts to hunch and look down a lot.
what type of horror is it?
I found that Rosemary's Baby is the unthinkable type of Horror, as it has constant references to religion and the fact that pregnancy is suppose to be a natural and beautiful/happy experience not a dark tainted one.
Shot reverse shot- highlight Rosemary's fear.
Shot reverse shot of Rosemary than the dream then back to Rosemary, highlights the uncertain and makes the audience question what is to happen next.

New Rosemary's Baby
Even though it is not the original,
had decided to do a mini series based on the movie. The new show is from the original but viewed in different artistic ways such as Rosemary's dream. Also that it is set in France, to create that sense of a beautiful city with dark underlying intentions.
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