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Kristen Cichon

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of PRESENTATION

Half, or 30 million, are children under the age of 18.
That’s more than every US child ages 0-5 years.

For a child, being displaced means…
• Separation from family and friends
• Disruption of schooling
• Helplessness
• Hopelessness

Today there are 60 million persons displaced from their homes due to war, persecution or natural disasters. Imagine one in every five US residents removed by force or fear for their lives from our communities.
Data from refugee camps reveal:

• 85% of children suffer from severe
emotional and behavior disorders

• 25% have considered suicide

• Boys ages 14 and up are ready to
flee camps and join militia groups

Where do we find displaced children?
Many are in countries hostile to anything “Christian” including Worldwide Christian Schools.

The name Tent Schools International gives “access” to displaced children with the GOOD NEWS!

What we do?

Funding tent schools in refugee camps aids our partners in reaching more children for Christ.

Distributing Gospel Comics’ book, “He Lived Among Us,” in Arabic and other languages brings the life of Jesus in a colorful, easy to understand form, to children in tent schools.
Bridging the digital divide via computers and software, gives teachers and students access to educational and Christian materials on the internet.

“The mission of Tent Schools International is to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ for displaced children by providing safe, compassionate learning environments that exchange chaos and loss for peace and opportunity.”

Who We Are

Tent Schools International
stands in the gap for displaced and despairing children.
A change of name for a changing world!
“For such a time as this…”
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