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Worldwide Mythology

No description

Faith Smith

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Worldwide Mythology

Greek Gods
Popular myths
You will need to put two myths on this Prezi, but you'll do it in an unusual way...
The second myth will be harder because
you'll need to
Zeus is the king of the gods. He originated from the titans.
Worldwide Mythology
Click through this Prezi to find out what is expected of you!
Goddess of wisdom. Athena
helps Odysseus get home.
Hades is the god of the underworld.
Hera is Zeus's wife and the patron
of domestic affairs.
God of the seas, horses, and
Tries to stop Odysseus from returning home.
Notice how I've embedded the pictures and text?
Watch a Prezi tutorial to figure out how to do the
same if you want to get an A!

For the creation myth, you'll just embed an image like
then you'll entertain us by telling us your story!
map out key details from the story using storyboards
make a Power Point that tells
your story using the storyboards
as a guide...
be sure you don't
miss the good parts
put images on every
add music
proofread and edit
then insert the Power
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