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Software Engineer

No description

rumesa hasan

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Software Engineer

According to the ALIS OCC, there is more than one certification to be a registered engineer. (1) Professional Engineer and the requirements are :
- a four-year bachelor's degree in a recognized program and have at least four years of work experience under a Professional Engineer
- have three references
Educational Requirements
4 year post secondary education/training in software engineering, or related fields such as electrical engineering or computer science
Employment and Job Outlook
The job outlook for software engineers and engineers is currently unavailable according to the ALIS OCCinfo.ca, but employment outlook is constantly changing as new positions are created depending on a number of factors, such as

Engineers are employed by companies that devise embedded software for inclusion in other products, companies that develop industrial instrumentation and process control products, consulting companies that provide software related services, manufacturing companies, companies in the energy sector (for example, oil and gas companies), educational institutions, governments, research institutions, software manufacturers, Internet based businesses, software marketing companies.
Working Conditions
Related Jobs
A Career in Computer Science
By Rumesa Hasan
Information systems professionals investigate, analyze,design, develop or manage information systems based on computer and related technologies through the objective application of specialized knowledge and professional judgement.

Software Engineer
Software engineers specify, design, evaluate, modify, research, integrate, test and maintain software applications, technical environments, operating systems, embedded software, information warehouses, databases and telecommunications software.
Job Certifications
Some similar jobs to Software Engineer are Computer Specialist, Design Engineer, Engineer, Information Technology Specialist, Professional Engineer, and Software Developer
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