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Manipulatives in Geometry

A whirlwind tour of ways to use manipulatives in geometry.

Karen Wootton

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Manipulatives in Geometry

Manipulatives in Geometry Place a hinged mirror on a piece of colored paper so that the ends of the mirror hang over the ends of the same edge of the paper. Explore the polygons that you see: the number of sides, measure of the angle of the mirror,... Some challenges:
Create a regular hexagon;
Create an equilateral triangle in at least two different ways;
Create a rhombus that is not a square;
Create a circle. Hold a 90° hinged mirror at arms length and find your own image. Now close your right eye. What happened? Why? Height Lab Take out the two strings, make one a loop, the other a plumb. Make a triangle out of the loop. Use a pencil to suspend the plumb, hang it from the apex of the triangle. Look at the height when the triangle is acute, obtuse, and right. Pantographs Link two rubberbands together. Draw a small shape on a piece of paper. Follow the directions for enlarging the shape. You are getting sleepy..... Legend has it that if you stare into someone's eyes in a special way, you can hypnotize them into squawking like a chicken. Here's how it works. Place a mirror on the floor. Your victim must stand exactly 200 cm away from the mirror and stare into it. The only tricky part is that you need to figure out where YOU stand so that when you stare into the mirror, you are also staring into the victim's eyes. If your calculations are correct and you stand at the correct distance, your victim will squawk like a chicken! The Shape Factory Using a straightedge, draw a 1" to 2" triangle on a piece of paper. Then use patty paper to trace it. Create new shapes by combining the original and the traced image through transformations. What shapes can you create? Is there more to this circle? Flatten the paper plate as much as possible, and wait for instructions. Thank you!
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