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By Madi

Kate Munday

on 5 July 2017

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Transcript of Zebra

A female zebra is called a Mare.

A male zebra is called a Stallion.

A baby zebra is called a Calf.
Zebras tend to live on mountain cliffs grass slopes and plains. They live in mostly enclosed areas with a small opening so if they are attacked they can make a break for it if necessary.
Zebras have a distinct Diet of Grass and leaves. About 97 % of the Zebras diet consists of Grass and 3% of their Diet is leaves. They spend half of their days ( 12 hours ) Grazing but eventually will take a day off so they do not get sick while running.
Are They Endangered??
No the Zebra is not endangered but they are a main Target for hunters. Because of their fascinating skin they are pouched in order to make things.

This is a picture of a poor Zebra that has been poached.
Random Facts
1. The top speed of the Zebra is forty two Kilometers.

2. Horses are Taller than Zebras Because Zebras Actually Resemble a Donkey more than a Horse.

3. The most endangered breed of Zebra is the Grevy's Zebra.

their main predators are the king of the jungle ( lion ) and The speed demons ( cheetah )
this is the sort of things their skin gets made into
this is a video of a calf running
from a Lion.
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