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Cell Phones

Presentation based on Cell Phones!!

amrit nannan

on 23 April 2011

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Transcript of Cell Phones

Cell Phones Today's Agenda
What is a cell phone?
What are its uses?
Generation-Generation, how it has changed.
Pros and Cons
Cool Facts. What is a Cell Phone? A cell phone is an electronic device used to make calls and text. A cell phone is used for:
playing games
searching the web
taking pictures
listen to the radio and music What is a cell phone used for? Cell Phones: how have they changed from generation to generation. 1st Generation: Size of a brick
Only used by Army, Police, and Government.
It was attached into a car and only used for calling. 2nd Generation size was reduced into a samller phone
it was out in public so anyone could have bought it.
small enough that people started carrying it around
only used to make calls 3rd Generation: size of your palm
mostly everyone has one
used for alot of things, calling, texting, using the internet and taking pictures. Pros and Cons of having a Cell Phone Pros: good tool for emergency
use it anytime
don't need to carry a camera
don't need to carry a laptop with you
good to keep you entertained (play games on it if you get bored)

Cons: causes accidents
HUGE BILLS!!! Facts of cell phones more than 1000 phones are activated every second
12-18 months people tend to but a new cell phone
83% people say cell phones make their lives easier
cell phones can be recycled
up to 60% of the radiation emmited by the cell phone is absorbed into the users head
research has shown that mobile users are at a 2.5 times risk of getting a brain tumor caused by cell phone radiation.
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