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How to Create a Wonderful Prezi

No description

Zoe Greenwood

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of How to Create a Wonderful Prezi

How to Create a
Wonderful Prezi A tutorial by Zoe Greenwood Getting Started Choosing Your Theme Adding Text Frames and Arrows Symbols and Shapes Imaging Now Go Make Your Own! You can pick your theme, or you can
start with a blank Prezi and insert frames and arrows. When you start writing, you will want to look up at the the toolbar and click which text you want. You can choose between; ,
, or Body. Sometimes, you may not have enough
space to fit all of what you want to say
into one frame. You might have to add
another. In your Prezi screen, at the
top-middle, is a place that says "Frames
& Arrows". If you click there, you will
be able to choose and draw from a
variety of frames, arrows and lines. To add a symbol/shape, click on
insert next to Frames & Arrows above your PREZI. You're now able to create a good looking Prezi, by inserting arrows and frames, images, and shapes & symbols! Now go off..... Make your own Prezi by using the skills I've shown you. How to find Prezi Go to your search browser and type in http://prezi.com/ Logging In or Signing Up When you get to the main page, you'll see in the top right corner that you need to either sign in to your account, or create one. Creating A Prezi When you sign in, you'll need to create a new Prezi. Title Subtitle Why Use Images? Adding a photo or to your Prezi is really easy to do and also can make your Prezi more appealing to the eye.
It may be useful
for the viewer to
get an image
relating to what
you are explaining
or expressing. How to Insert an Image You can insert images from either Google images or the saved files on your
computer You can sign in using this:
Email: zgreenwood_2018@ysschools.org
Password: YSSWelcome
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