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Mountain Justice Summer 2013

No description

Ricki Draper

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Mountain Justice Summer 2013

Mountain Justice May 20-27 Outside of Damascus, Virginia Summer 2013 Mountain Justice opposes dirty energy and environmental injustice everywhere and supports clean energy and just economic transition for all. Seeking to eradicate the burden of
environmental injustice, MJ works to build solidarity and mutually-supportive
relationships with communities where
extraction and energy generation take place beyond our region. Workshops NVDA 101
Climb Training
Digital Security
Know Your Rights
Action Planning and Strategy Anti-Oppression Training Appalachian History and Culture Non-Violent Direct Action Science and SMCRA Community Organizing Campus Organizing Sustainable Living Organizing Theory
Running a Smooth Community Meeting
Efficient Non-Hierarchical Organizing
Listening Projects Divestment Campaigns
Working Remotely for Mountain Justice Appalachian Cultural Awareness
Wild Medicinals & Edibles of the Mountains
Flat Footing
Appalachian Music
West Virginia Mine Wars Activist Self-Care
Personal Sustainability
Spiritual Activism
Herbs for Self Care
Alternative Economy
Alternative Energy Anti-Oppression (Classism, Racism, Sexism, Patriarchy, Gender)
Building Diverse Movements
Practicing Good Consent
Race in Appalachia
Popular Education Mountains and Water / How Watersheds Work
Power Plants
Talking SMCRA
Biodiversity as Tools to Resist MTR
Health Impacts of MTR
Deep Mining
MTR 101 and 201
Fracking 101 and 201
Uranium Mining Panels Women in Appalachia
Beehive Collective: True Cost of Coal
Youth Panel
Resistance in the coalfields
Union Members
Citizens Panel Music and Dancing Folk Music
square dancing
Ballad Singing
Traditional Appalachian Music
Flat footing
Annual "No-Talent" Show Join Us! May 20-27
Damascus, Virginia Registration opens soon at mountainjustice.org witness mountaintop removal and stop mountaintop removal
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