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Native American Literature

No description

Sarah Guarnere

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of Native American Literature

When the Europeans arrived,
there were more than 300
different Native American cultures
in North America .
One activity they all had in common was storytelling.
Legends and myths were faithfully passed
down from generation to generation through oral tradition.
Why is preservation through oral tradition
more vulnerable to loss than preservation
through written work?
Typical stories included creation stories, histories tracing the migration of peoples or the deeds of great leaders, fairy tales, lyrics, chants, children's songs, healing songs, and dream visions. Common subjects included nature and the worship of many gods.
Much of the literature of the Native Americans did not survive. Why?
Native American Literature
A myth is a traditional story, usually involving supernatural beings or events, that explains how some aspect of human nature or the natural world came to be.
A creation myth is
a specific kind of myth
that typically.
describes how the universe, the earth, and life began
explains the workings of the natural world
supports and validates social customs and values
guides people through the trials of living
What is your origin story?
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