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Home gaurds by Tyler,Brandon

No description


on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Home gaurds by Tyler,Brandon

Home gaurds by Tyler,Brandon
The home guards were the injured or too old or women that stayed and protected the farms the houses and the factory's that built the weapons the tanks...
How to get into the home guarding team
To get into a home guarding team you have to be 17-65 and you have to go to the post office to sign up and you have to be able to use a weapon.
How to defend there town
To defend they have to take a weapon everywhere they go and if someone attacks they will hide in there houses and shoot through the windows or just attack.
Weapons and armory
The home guards have rusty old weapons to defend there self's and there country and there home town.
The women had to farm for the warriors and the needy which were the ones that were back at the town and they had to build the weapon and crops.The women that helped out was called the land girls.
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