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Louis Vuitton

No description

michel shishkabob

on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Born August 4, 1821
Louis Vuitton was born in Anchay, France.
His mom died when he was ten and his dad remarried to a women like the stepmother from Cinderella. So he ran away to Paris.
His Early Childhood
His first job was for a man named Monsieur Marechal.
Louis Vuitton became a box maker at the age of 16.
In just a couple of years he gained a named with very rich people in Paris because of his job.
When Napoleon III became emperor his wife hired Vuitton as the royal box maker.
Then made his own box store after he got married
First Job
He made luxury boxes
They were made for packing clothes
His first store was in Asnieres
The second store was Rue Scribe
At his new store he made a new trunk made of a grey canvas and had red stripes
His Store
Worked there for twenty years and died February 27, 1892
He was seventy years old when he died
Now his son George owns the company
The brand is now worth 28.1 billion dollars and the person who owns the store now has a net worth of 35.1 billion dollars
By: Abby Herskowitz
Getting to Paris
At the age of 13 he left his home for Paris in 1855.
He went on the 292 mile trip to Paris.
On his way he took different jobs to give him money for food and a place to stay.
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