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S18 PH 121 7 practice 1

Newton's Laws

Richard Datwyler

on 22 October 2018

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Transcript of S18 PH 121 7 practice 1

Interacting objects
" can you explain a little about propulsion? "
"Could you explain why long range force is not a constraint for acceleration?"
"Could we discuss the parts of an interaction diagram and how they interact with each other?"
"I need help understanding why different objects acting on one another have different accelerations."
What is net force on block

what is force of wall on the wedge
What is the magnitude of the force of the truck on the car

what is the acceleration
3400 N
1.79 m/s^2
What are the forces between the blocks?

and the total acceleration
24.5 N
44.2 N
4.91 m/s^2
How long does it take A to get to the bottom?
1.51 s
what is F so m1 doesn't slide down?
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