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All About Katelin

No description

Mrs. Lim

on 13 July 2018

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Transcript of All About Katelin

All About Me by Katelin
My hobbies/Intrests
I have a lot of differint intrests some of them are basketball, soccer, dancing, reading and I love to bake.
My favorite foods
I like food from differint places all around the world. My favorite foods are is sushi, miso soup, salmon, tacos and ice cream.
I am a tall girl. I have short dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am indian but I was born in california. I am very funny but sometimes I am very sucked in a book so I ignore everyone else. Enjoy learning about me and my family.
I have a sister named Keira. My mom is named Nisha and she is 42 years old and my dad is named Pravin and he is 40 years old. I have six fish. They are all different colors
I have 2 Mickey Mouse Platy's, 2 Catfish, 1 Neon Tetra and 1 large pink Glofish.
My Friends
My favorite places
My favorite place to go lake tahoe. My family always goes there in the winter and skis and sleds. Sometimes we bring friends and take lessons on sking or snowboarding. Then we go to a golf course and sled down the hills.
I have three friends at my school. The first one is named Rachel. She is a tomboy and plays soccer and she is very creative. My second best friens named Celicia and she loves playing the piano. She is really awesome at it. My last friend is named Amelia. She has a brother named Brendon and she is really kind and thoughtful.
Interesting facts about me
I can read for five hours straight
I have trained myself to read while eating and I don't spill anything
I have a twin named Keira
Thanks for lisining to my presentation. Hope you learned a few things about me.
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