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Keys to Success: in Nursing School

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mhemhe mhe

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Keys to Success: in Nursing School

Overview of Your Keys to Success in Nursing School
Organization/ Study
Stress Management
Professionalism as a Nurse
Prep for NCLEX

Chapter 2
Manage your time
Plan on studying during your peak periods
Break down large assignments into smaller ones
Schedule a little "ME" time
Organizational Skills
According to Merriam-Webster's online dictionary, (1)"Motivation is the condition of being eager to act or work" (2)"A force or influence that causes someone to do something."
There are 3 major components of Motivation:
1. Activation
2.Be persistent
3.Keep our passion
Stress Management Techniques
Time outdoors
Praying/spiritual motivation
Venting sessions with friends
Keys to Success: in Nursing School
Thank you!
Prep for NCLEX
Presented By:
Jamesia Fransaw
Raven Malbrough
Ceceile Anderson-Moore
Keoshanae Hall
Oluwakemi Awolowo

Vital Skills Chapter and Class Discussion
BEFORE you manage your stress..
Motivation: Chapter 7 Productive Self- Talk and Anxiety

Organizational Skills: Chapter 4

Scheduling: Chapter 2

Which nursing actions would be of highest priority when suctioning a patient with tracheotomy?

A.Auscultating lung sounds after suctioning is complete
B. Providing a means of communication for the patient during the procedure
C. Assessing the patients oxygenation saturation before, during and after suctioning
D. Administering pain and/or anti anxiety medication 30 minutes before suctioning
Answer: C

C. Assessing the patients oxygenation saturation before, during and after suctioning

Rationale: Monitor the patient oxygenation status to ensure that the patient is not at risk for aspiration, they have good inspiration, and expiration after suctioning.
NCLEX Question Answer
5 P's to setting the course in Nursing School

1. Punctuality
Be on time to clinical and class

2. Prepared
Have equipment for class, and clinical
stethoscope, pen,care plan, notepad,data tool, medication sheets

5 P's Continued

3. Protected:
Wash hand, frequently when leaving in and out of room
Utilize the hand sanitizer
Wear appropriate PPE

4.Private: Keep pt information/diagnosis private

5. Proud: Be proud of the service that you provide as a PVAMU Nursing Student and Future Nurse!
Motivation Cont'd
Motivation Cont'd
Motivation Cont'd
According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, persistent means to

- to continue firmly in a course of action despite difficulties and opposition.'

Nursing students all face difficulty in one form or the other, whether it is long travel time, having to care for children, a job or financial issues.

With persistent we continue to put our time and resources.
'Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement about doing something.'

Passion is what drives us to put the work and concentration into pursuing our nursing careers.

Can we revised our study schedule? change our old ways of test taking? Adjust our recreational time to accommodate more study time? Through passion lets rise to the occasion.
Activation:To set in motion. What was the decision that first have us thinking that we want to go to nursing school?

Was it the more come answer of
" I want to help people?",
"I want to make money "

are was it a more complex thought such as

I want to use my nursing degree as a stepping stone to going to medical school?"

Whatever the reason/s are, you has achieved a major first step.
Motivation Cont'd
Ladies and gentlemen now that we have activated our motivation, lets be persistent and maintain our passion up through the end

Thank You
Albert Einstein
What A Typical Week Consists Of
Robert Callier
Jim Ryun
Arthur Ashe
Robert Jev
Castledine, G. (2004). Castledine column. How to survive nursing school: a practical guide. British Journal Of Nursing, 13(17), 1059.
How To Survive Nursing School: A Practical Guide
Author : George Castledine, Nursing Professor
This article outlines various survival strategies that are needed to get through a baccalaureate nursing program. Sources of student stressors and ways to cope and adapt are included in the body of the article.

Time management,
organization skills,
student professionalism in the clinical setting are highlighted as important success factors.

Castledine suggests that students must develop skills and strategies to help them succeed and get through a nursing program.
"Surviving nursing school can be tough, but it can also be both a positive and rewarding experience."
-George Castledine
Please fill out your respected "My Motivation" sheet, keep it in your folder to encourage you on your nursing school endeavors.
Set up a place in your home for studying
Something like this
Not like this

Make a list of your assignments
Make a to do list
Get organized in your reading by making organized study notes
Choose the best note format that works for you, for example:
make notes,

Periodically review what you read and also self test
According to Viital skills textbook pg 83
Organize notes
Make note visually interesting
Condense material for repeated review
Self test, do practice questions related to material

Be time management conscious

1. Use tool to aid in motivation
2.To know what motivates me
3. Find new things to be motivated about
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