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Back Corner

No description

Jose Sorto

on 24 May 2014

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Transcript of Back Corner

Crystal Aminzadeh
Chantel Donnan
Silvia Garcia
Ivana Monson
Jose Sorto
Merry Touch SWOT Analysis Threats Opportunities Background Demographics Psychographics Size of Target
Market Brand Name Package Considerations Channels of Distribution Pricing Advertisement Print Ads Sales Promotion Program Sales Obj.: To sell 2 million units of DVDs and Blu-rays by March 31, 2013. Point of Purchase
Program Publicity, Special Events,
& Sponsorship Opportunities Budget Trade Objective Consumer Objectives Video Rentals 'Disney Second Screen'
Access additional content by having the mobile device audio sync with the film.
Sales Promotions
Projected DVD release= Feb. 2013
Super Bowl
Valentines Day
DVD and Blu-Ray sales not slowing down Disney’s Wreck-it-Ralph 1. 3D Blu-ray/DVD with Digital Copy
2. Blu-ray/DVD with Digital Copy
3. DVD with Digital Copy
4. Special Edition
•Digital Copy
•Perler Bead design of
•Temporary Tattoo
•Stickers •Wal-Mart
•Sam’s Club
•Barnes & Noble
•Grocery Stores
•iTunes 3D Blu-ray/DVD with Digital Copy: $29.99
Blu-ray/DVD with Digital Copy: $24.99
DVD with Digital Copy: $19.99
Special Edition Combo: $49.99 Newspaper
Los Angeles Times
New York Times
USA Today
Game Informer
Nintendo Power
Retro Gamer
Entertainment Weekly
Rolling Stone TV commercials to be shown during primetime, early morning, & late night:
ABC Family
Disney Channel
Disney XD
1. WalMart
2. Allstate Insurance
3. Movie clips "Fix-it To Win-it" Sweepstakes 5 Grand Prize Winners: 2-night, 3-day vacation to Disneyland & Disney California Adventures for two.

7 Second Prize Winners: Fix-It Felix Jr. arcade game machine & gold hammer replica.

10 Third Prize winners: Nintendo DS, Wreck-It Ralph Nintendo DS game, and Wreck-It Ralph DVD. Enter online at www.disney.go.com/wreck-it-ralph

Site and game can be accessed on mobile phones/tablets by scanning QR code on POP or DVD cover. Coupons On-package coupon for a special movie ticket offer to save $7 on a movie ticket good for an upcoming Disney movie. On-package, bounce-back coupon good for $5 off the consumer’s next purchase of a Disney DVD movie. Premium DVD purchasers are eligible to receive a free Wreck-It Ralph hero medal and free samples of Mentos gum with proof of purchase. This will be sponsored by Mentos. To encourage and push retailers to occupy shelf space for DVD and Blu-ray Discs inventories in retail stores. To pull the target audience into purchasing a DVD and/or Blu-ray Disc.
To expose a strong brand image to the target audience.
To encourage consumers to participate in sweepstake. Video on Demand Piracy Primary Target:Young boys and girls ages 5-13

Secondary Target: Parents of the aforementioned children; ages vary.

Tertiary Target: Men and women ages 22-34; gamers of the “8-bit Generation” Publicity
Press release from Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly magazines.
Radio Disney
Disney 365 segment
TV commercials & print ads Special Event at Downtown Disney
Dunkin Donuts
Allstate Insurance
Mentos Novelty-seekers
Economically-minded Strengths Weaknesses Disney's current strong brand image
Characters are nostalgic Not associated with Pixar - could be viewed as lower quality CGI
Economic hardship Competitive Analysis DVD release
1/29/13 DVD release
2/5/13 Theatrical
2/14/13 Theatrical
2/5/13 Out-of Home Ads Internet & Social Media Advertisement Consumers who buy any Nesquick product with Wreck-It Ralph designs are eligible to receive a Wreck-It Ralph plush toy with proof of purchase. End-Cap Display Total Budget: $6,600,000 Primary target audience: 41,025,851.
Secondary target audience: 103,720,553.
Tertiary target audience: 62,649,947 Consumer
Promotions Schedule -For a limited time, when consumers buy any DVD or Blu-Ray, it will also come with Disney’s “Paperman” short. “Paperman” Disney Short For a limited time, when consumers buy any DVD or Blu-Ray, consumers will be given a free Code to download the soundtrack online.

The soundtrack features songs from Skrillex, Rihanna, and Owl City Soundtrack Birthday Party Kit Train Station Take-Overs across the Country Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., Detroit, Chicago, Atlantic City, Boston, Denver, Seattle, the Bay Area and more! The End-Cap Display

-This display is featured at the end of an aisle in most any store;

-Target, CVS,Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc.

-Small footprint for versatility

-Large bold brick graphic draws attention and creates a focal point in a chaotic environment Interactive Displays Vanellope Centered Ralph Centered Walt Disney Pictures movie Wreck-It Ralph will be released on the month of February of 2013.

A pulsing campaign will run from January 1st to the end of the month of March.

There are two periods of
campaign intensity; the first week of February to start advertising the DVD release along with mid-April
for our sweepstakes.
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