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World Team Company

No description

Max Romero

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of World Team Company

First criteria :
Ethic test

Interview and discussion

Scenario simulation


Scenario simulation
Background: A large, prospective client calls you and asks about a competitor's reputation. One of your long time customers had a very bad experience with this competitor.

Question: What information do you share with the prospect? How do you respond to the prospect call?
Ⅰ.Use the following scale to indicate whether this behavior is ethically acceptable

Never sometimes always
acceptable acceptable acceptable

World Team Company
Paint the future

Cultural awareness

Pattern 1:
Deal Focus vs Relationship Focus

Pattern 2:

Formal vs Informal

Pattern 3:
Rigid Time vs Fluid Time

Pattern 4:
Emotionally expressive vs Emotionally reserved
" Our missions is to design human values, diversity, equity and human respect in world business to paint the ethical world of tomorrow "
World Team Company
Are you "Ethics" ?

Need help ?

Need a solution ?
Meet our Team Company members
Diversity &
Equity expertise
Cultural Awareness & Management
Whisteblowing &
Organizational loyalty
Ethics evaluation
A. In order to increase profits, a general manager used a production process that exceeded legal limits for environmental pollution.

An engineer discovered what he perceived to be a product design flaw that constituted a safety hazard. His company declined to correct the flaw. The engineer decided to keep quiet, rather than taking his complaint outside the company.

Ⅱ. Indicate how these statements apply to your organization

Does your organization have a written code of ethics ?

Yes    No     Uncertain

Does your organization require ethics training?

Yes    No     Uncertain

Ⅲ. Background Information

Cultural awareness measurement
What is Diversity ?
On the dictionary
→ variety
→ plurality
In a company
Diversity encompasses many facets:
→ age
→ origin
→ background
→ gender

Promote diversity, it is above all to ensure that everyone is treated on an equal footing, regardless of the differences.
Why Diversity ?
→ Management open and in tune with the times

→ Image of the company in so see improved.

→ Motivational tool for teams :

Human wealth
Diversity of viewpoints

→ adapt the selection procedures

→ open up new channels of recruitment

→ review the descriptions of functions

→ training open to all categories of staff

→ promote language learning

Tips to improve Diversity
Measure Diversity
Percentages of people with disabilities:
0-5% 5-10% 10%-15%
The best is : 6%

Distributions of men and women:
30%-70% 40%-60% 50%-50%
The best is : 50%-50%

Make a plot of ages
first: mushroom
second:bruised pear
third: ball of wool
fourth: Rugby ball

The best is : Rugby ball
1) Survey

2) Interviews

3) Assist to meeting
What is Whistle blowing?
Anyone who makes a good faith effort to disclose information

Disclosure may be oral or written
Types of Whistle blowing
Internal Whistle blowing

Personal Whistle blowing

External Whistle blowing
How to blow the Whistle ?
Do it anonymously

Do it in a group

Present just the evidence

Work through internal channels

Work through external channels
All the criteria is reasonable and appropriate for evaluating the level of company ethics

Think more for employees

The first step to achieve company ethics

There is an increasing number of companies have realized ethic is playing an increasing important role in future business.This is a good symbol for future development of both companies and business world , and really meet our mission!

Management style in an ethical business
Is one style more ethical than another ?
How to evaluate the ethics of a manager ?
How to help a manager become more ethical?
Build a strong corporate culture
Ethics tools :
Ethics code
Code of conduct
Ethics compliance training
Real life examples to resolve ethical dilemmas

Questioning his employees

Face to face talk

Observing the manager’s behavior with his employees
Do you have any questions ?
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