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The Odyssey Flow Map

No description

jacinta treft

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of The Odyssey Flow Map

Book 1
The Odyssey Flow Map
People we meet in this book are- The council of elders, The Augur, Aegyptius, Eurymachus
Why this is important
It is important because Telemachus needs to know if his father is alive and so does his wife.
Main Events
Athena asks Zeus if she can bring Odysseus home
Book 3
Book 2
By: Jacinta, Jodi, and Valerie
Book 4
The people we meet in book one are- Poseidon, Zeus, Athena, Odysseus, Telemachus, Penelope, Phemius and Eurycleia.
Athena goes to Telemachus (the son of Odysseus) and tells him that his father is alive
Penelope finds out that Odysseus might be alive and she doesn't want to marry another man
At Pylos there was ceremony that had bulls sacrificed to Poseidon which is the god of the sea.
Agamennon and Menelaus and 2 Greek brothers led a expendition
Menelaus set sail to Greece when Agammemnon waited a day and continued to sacrific on the shore of Troy.
Telemacho said a speech in front of the nobility.
Peistratos (son of Nestor) gave wine to mentor and Athene and told them to pray for Poseidon
Orestes (Agamennon son) comes back from exile and soon kills Kyltaimestra and Aigisthos
They made another sacrific and Nestor invites Telemachos crews to a feast.
Afterwards He gives Telemachos horses so he go to Sparta.
People we meet are- Menelaus, Helen, Proteus and Iphthime
Main Events
Why this Is Important
Telemachus asks the elders of Ithaca to order the suitors off.
During Telemachus’s complaint two eagles appear and the augur’s predicts Odysseus will return and attack the suitors.
Telemachus and Athena(as mentor) plan Telemachus’ departure.
They make secret preparations and find a swift ship and sturdy crew.
Telemachus sails off to Pylos.
These events are important because it shows how Telemachus started his journey to search for his father and how Athena plans to help Odysseus.
The setting is in Ithaca in the council of elders.

The book is an epic

The eagle is a symbol of Zues
Athena tells them so they can try to find him and be together again.
Main Events
People We meet in this Book
Why this is important
Illusion- it is Athena because she is in disguise
Narration- Homer is narrating the books.
Plot- Menelaus set sail to Greece.
Thesis - Odysseus sided with Menelaos and took his ship to sea but then he changed his mind and went back to Troy and took half of Menelaos ships with him.
Main events
Telemachus arrives in Sparta and goes to the wedding feast in the palace of Menelaus.
Menelaus tells Telemachus about the battle of troy
The suitor ship waiting to ambush
Penelope gets visited by the phantom
Why this is important
Conventions, when the men that want to marry Penelope gather to be told that they have to live.
It is important because they are going to find Odysseus and Telemachus goes to a wedding feast
Nestor, Achaen Chiefs, and Peisistratus.
This is important because if we didn't know this happened then we wouldn't know his journey to finding his father and other things.
Characterization- when they describe Helen or other new people.
Direct Quotations- "These were her words, and this was my reply: 'Then tell me how i am to lay my snare, lest that divine old man detect my plan and so escape. it is hard for those-who-die to get the better of a deity.' .... Page 76
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